Saturday, January 01, 2011

January Muse

Happy New Year people! Time really flies and it's 2011. It's creepy isn't it? And in a couple of days, I'll be back in SG and back to the grind :( Totally not looking forward to that :( And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get the post holiday blues cos not only am I gonna be back work, I'm gonna miss my family too :( Mehhhhh, but meanwhile, here's my January Muse on....

Reading: National Geographic....taking a break from the usual woman's magazines....I'm a nerd at heart and I love Nat Geo and I can totally sit there for hours to devour the entire mag
Wearing: My new TopShop little black dress with ruffling details! It's super nice and it fits the body super well and is very very flattering! I love the fact that it's got the deconstructive detailing on the front cos it makes this LBD a little edgier. I haven't got to wear it cos I got it a day before I left for HK
Also wearing Chanel double-C ear studs. Well, it'll always be a classic.
Drinking: Vitamin Water! I love it! They're super nice and I'm glad SG has it now! Better than soda pop for sure! And I like that it's not too sweet...I think my papa loves it too
Using: My electric blue Balenciaga "First" bag...I haven't used it for ages. Probably almost a year! So it's time and I'm rediscovering the soft leather and this small bag is what I call a "Big small bag" cos you can stuff lots of stuff in there...yeah, I even shove a small brolly in there! Erm, but I'll be using another bag soon cos a couple of days ago, I got a new Balenciaga purple and with giant hardware...shhhh!!! I didn't dare to use it now cos otherwise my pappy would question me....
Loving: The Chanel Greige (grey+beige) nail color! Ohhhh Greige is my favorite nail color for now cos it's super duper nice. Just right. Dark enough yet it's a nice neutral that's so very versatile...I love the shade so much that I actually bought another similar one from Essie....The Chanel shade is 505 FYI
Love the Fresh Lip Treatment in Rose!!! It's soooo freaking good I'm thinking of buying another one to bring home since SG doesn't have Fresh. This lippy works! It's soooo moisturizing and it's sooooo smooth and doesn't feel sticky at all. And that hint of rosy pink is perfect too....THIS IS AWESOME!
Also loving the black kitty cat pouch from River Island. It's soooo cute!!! I stuffed in my nasal spray and inhaler and lippy!
Playing with: My brand new Lomo Diana F+ Mr Pink Camera!! This stunning lomo camera is so very pretty and the pictures it produces are stunning! Very artsy and dreamy but I'm gonna take a couple of rolls of film to get it 2 rolls down! I can't wait to get back to develop them.


Lifen said...

I love your writing, Bmuses :) i think you really have a cut for copywriting career or are u one already? :P

B said...

Hey Lifen,

Thanks for the compliment :) Made my day.

I'm not a copy writer but I do a lot of writing for my job cos I'm in communications :)


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