Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't mess with Pandas

Okay, here's an ad with a panda for cheese and I chanced upon it on youtube and it's not embedded so I can't post it directly but here's the link and please tell me you at least laugh cos I laughed till I was tearing and hyperventilating in the office and so did Ah Meow.....thing is, I will definitely remember this product! Happy Friday. This is an ad to end the week for sure!


Jess said...


Love the little clips you put up. This is so funny - boyfriend had a laugh too.

Anyway how are things going with you and your man? You haven't spoken about him in a while - just curious.

B said...

Hey Jess! Don't you just love the panda! So cute and funny! You gotta check out the one I just posted on Misery Bear! It's quite funny too!

Me and my man are good. Just decided to give my relationship and private life more privacy and not talk so much about it cos I guess sometimes you don't really want people to comment and make judgment cos they don't really know you.

Jessjess said...

I think that's a good call. People can get very bitchy especially if they are commenting behind a cloak of anonymity.

Real good bloggers don't need to rely on gossip to keep their blogs popular anyway.

Glad things are going well :)


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