Thursday, May 26, 2011

30 Quick Facts About Miss B

  1. She has an alter ego named "Bambi Sparkles"...when the night falls, the universe transforms her into Bambi Sparkles the pole dancer
  2. Chloe by Chloe and Annick Goutal Petite Cheie are still her favorite perfume, but has enough bottles of perfume at home to set up a shop. Currently she's also wearing Jeanne by Lanvin, Tresor in Love by Lancome and a dab or CK One every now and then
  3. Would love to love the all time classic Chanel No.5 but she doesn't like it at all despite numerous attempts to give it a smells like being trapped in granny's closet....
  4. She still can't walk in high heels well...and thus, prefer to admire her Christian Louboutins by holding them instead of wearing them for fear of toppling over
  5. Has since started a photo blog and is taking more pictures since the kundalini of photography has once again risen in her....she's keeping her photo blog on a weekly (or so) update
  6. Has cut down on shopping
  7. Still having problem breaking her cab habit during weekday mornings
  8. Has appointed Hirudoid Gel as a girl's best friend instead of diamonds since she's resumed her pole dancing regime cos she's getting bruises all over her legs from the pole and Hirudoid Gel helps majorly
  9. Is a total Pole Dance addict and has a pole at home and a collection of stripper heels for dancing cos Pole Dancing has replaced the Powerplate as her preferred choice of workout
  10. Has stopped watching tv totally. Her tv at home hasn't been turned on for months and she's only watching Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy (her all time fave cos she's 100% like Meredith Grey)
  11. Has gotten officially asthmatic, thanks to a sinus surgery earlier. Stupid GA set off the asthma (argh)
  12. Hasn't been following her vegetarian/vegan diet too much cos she's been interspersing vegetarian meals with meat because her Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor said she needs animal fat to be healthier (mehhh)
  13. Has developed a serious addiction to Cha Soba and Asari Clam Miso soup from Sushi Tei and can never have enough of that
  14. Still hasn't given in to iPhone and is proud to be a Blackberry user
  15. Has tried gel nails and decided that she doesn't quite like it on her finger nails cos she hates having nails that are bordering on being "a bit long". Her ideal nail length is the one you get by trimming it all the way in
  16. Hasn't been very religious with applying body moisturizer despite pledging to be discipline about it
  17. Totally loves the oils from Aurora Alchemy and has amassed a collection, with the Green Tara oil being her favorite cos she's a "Child of Green Tara"
  18. Despite not being able to finish up what she hasn't read (a majorly big pile that is), she's still collecting more books and amassing more...old habits die hard
  19. Is toying the idea of yet another tattoo....TBC
  20. One of her pet peeves is being people being late or not keeping to appointment time....she's really good at being punctual, to the point that she's nazi about it
  21. Has more than 5 different sets of shampoo and condition at home and she's not sure what to do with those that she doesn't like...
  22. Favorite animal is the Beluga Whale but she has a very soft spot for cat, panda, elephant, koala, penguin...well, animals in general
  23. Loves Unicorn...
  24. Is claustrophobic...the idea of being trapped in the elevator gives her clammy hands
  25. Thinks the air conditioner, not sliced bread, is the best invention. EVER.
  26. Prefers savory over sweet...and only has cravings for sweet things very occasionally but LOVES anything potato...chips, fries, mash, wedges ....she love 'em all but she has a very very soft spot for white truffle....hmmmm...white truffle....
  27. Actually writes perfect Chinese and is pretty decent at translation, contrary to popular belief amongst her friends and colleagues
  28. Has very short attention span and gets bored way too easily
  29. Is long sighted in the left eye and short sighted in the right eye. Freaky...runs in the family apparently...her cousin's got that too
  30. Is a pill popper and loves taking health supplement. Promising bottles of better health/well-being/skin/whatever excite her

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