Monday, May 23, 2011


Things to be thankful for: green tea soba, air conditioner, a great hot shower, the scent of freshing turned good book, Egyptian cotton sheets, Mr Bond, pole dancing class, a passing fragrance in the air, Grey's Anatomy & Gossip Girl, family & friends, awesome nail polish, the leathery touch of  Moleskine notebook, financial ability (somewhat), pleasant surprises, a roof above my head, asari clam miso soup, gratitude from people, ice cold drink on a hot day, a nice nap, "me time" on rainy days, "me time", great holiday, a restful break, the purring sound of Mr Bond, a calming cup of tea, a wonderful breeze, a good surf in the ocean, the satisfaction of a good book, soothing solitude, kindness of a stranger, an accident discovery of a good quotes, goddess oils, a decent wardrobe, Christian Louboutins, good health, the burst of endorphins after a workout, a relaxing weekend, the toy museum, a revitalising massage, receiving snail mail, a good sleep-in on the weekends, an hour or so of solitude before bedtime, the relief of a good cry, time with great friends, good vibration of crystals, the thrill of packing for a holiday, the satisfaction of a good movie, the sight of a great piece of art, laughter, late night talks with your dearest and closest, the quenching treat of Pocari after working out, the discovery of a new lovely perfume, the fondness of nice memories, and most of all, Love of every form.

P.S By the way, I went to the Toy Museum at 26 Seah Street yesterday. It was awesome. I had been talking about going there for the last 2 or more years and I finally made it, courtesy of Mr Bear. Some nostalgic memories were stirred up and I miss the times when things were simple, when these little toys could give us a beaming smile....the thing about growing up is that, we get more demanding and whatever happens to the little things that used to make us smile?
Anyway, I put up a new post on my photo blog, a little bit of pictures on some of the toys....didn't wanna put them all up cos it's way too many. You should go discover this little magical gem of a toy museum in person.

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