Friday, May 06, 2011

Yo Momma!

I wish I had received the Lemongrass House Mothers' Day package earlier cos then I wouldn't have scratched my head over what to give my mom!! I would have given her Lemongrass House products but instead I bought her a pair of relatively pricey shoes which she probably wouldn't wear much because she has about 3 shoe shelves full of shoes and it was quite a pair of high heels and she self proclaimed that she's not so much into wearing heels these days. I hope the shoes wouldn't become white elephant.

The Lemongrass House Mothers' Day pack of Rose Absolute Shower Gel, Rose Absolute Body Cream and Rose Absolute Room and Pillow spray would be a much better idea to be honest cos not only is it practical. I mean everyone needs to take a shower and pamper dry skin right?

Anyway, since I've already given mom a pair of gorgeous heels, I'm keeping the Lemongrass goodies for myself! The lavender scent from Lemongrass House used to be my favorite and I was forever picking the lavender scent but this time, I've decided to try the Rose range since I love the smell of roses (my favorite perfume is a rose based one anyway) and omg, now I really can't decide if Lavender or Rose is my favorite. They do the perfect lavender as I've mentioned before cos it's a pure lavender scent that's not bastardised with other fragrance but it's not as strong and masculine as the potent French Lavender. And now, I realize they've got a very lovely Rose scent!

The Rose range has a very balanced rose aroma in my book cos it's not mixed with other scent to the point that it's got merely a hint of rose that smells cheap and nasty but it's not so rose-y that it smells almost mumsy or reminds you of your powdery grandma. What you'll get is a very luxurious rose scent cos it smells like those super high end designer fragrance body range (reminds me of YSL fragrance actually!) that costs an arm and a leg. It really smells better than I expected! And like all their other products, the shower gel is rich and gentle and it doesn't leave skin too dry.

Their body cream, as always, never fails to impress cos the texture is light and yet it's very moisturising. It's great for our weather cos it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and doesn't leave a sticky after feel. So it's perfect for me! Oh and if you love richer body moisturiser, you need to try their body butter! I don't have the Rose Absolute one but the last round, they've given me the lavender body butter and it was divine (read more here)! And I would imagine the Rose one to be just as good!

So if you haven't bought anything for your mom, you might want to consider picking up some goodies for her from Lemongrass House cos we women love all the pampering stuff don't we? And hey, you'd better do something nice for momma. After all, she squeezed you out of a very tiny hole in her body!

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