Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Auriga Spa @ The Capella

I was one pampered girl a couple of Sundays back cos I got treated to the Auriga Spa at the Capella Hotel in Sentosa! And it was one awesome weekend! Great company + wonderful massage=Absolute Bliss!

Auriga Spa is an international spa chain available in New York, Mexico, and Austria and their signature treatments combine energy works with the moon cycle and they're all named according to different moon phases. So you'll get treatments named New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon. They also have other treatment too

It's tucked in the ground floor of the Capella Hotel and it's got a really awesome entrance cos there's this beautiful wall with metal koi fish on it. It's a piece of art really. I could stare at it the whole day. I picked the Waning Moon detox massage which is mostly a lymphatic drainage with lots of pressure point rolling, but my therapist customised the treatment for me with more kneading focus on my tight shoulder and neck.

Nice mood candles along the spa corridor in the ladies' change room

Nice vanity area with aromatherapy burner and full set of organic makeup you can use, 
completed with a Jasmine perfume no less

The spa has awesome facilities and it's good to check in there earlier so you can take your time to enjoy them. Spa staff are very attentive and they'll lead you to the change room before disappearing to let you have your own privacy. 

The Jacuzzi area with mineral water and fruits by the side
(rather dark here I know)

Rest area leading up to the Sauna

They have a really nice Jacuzzi that's warmed to a comfortable temperature which is just nice for me cos I usually find most hot tub too hot. They have the usual spa facilities of Jacuzzi and sauna room but there's this special Tropical Shower and Cool Mist that's quite different from the rest of the spa. I couldn't take the picture cos they're in dark nice chambers with beautiful dim lights. The Tropical Shower has the options of a rain shower or side jets and the water is scented with a nice aroma. Cool Mist, as its name suggests, is a mist chamber that has a nice minty scented mist that's not too cold and it's super refreshing. 

Didn't get to take pictures of the treatment room cos I kept all my stuff in the locker but the treatment rooms all have a big floor length glass window next to the greeneries. Super calming. The massage? It's pretty good and they use oil and products from The Organic Pharmacy which is superb. It was so nice I actually fell asleep. Thank god I didn't snore. 

The only funny thing was that after the massage, you get led into this resting area with reclining vibrating chairs. It's not a massage chair but it's just got this buzzing vibration and I have no idea what the vibration was for cos it's just buzzing, not strong enough to make you feel that you're being massaged but it feels as if you're sitting on a chair while your neighbors downstairs are having their ceiling drilled. So it's a bit odd if you ask me. Nonetheless, it's good if you just wanna have a little snooze after the massage while sipping tea and nibbling on dried apricots. 

Verdict? The massage itself is good, though not phenomenal or out of the world but the whole set up and experience made it really awesome. It's probably one of the best spas in Singapore! It's simply very lovely!!

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