Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Matchbook Mag!

I have somehow gotten access to an iPad2 and I'm gonna use it to read my favorite online magazine Matchbook Magazine! Woot...I didn't get an iPad2 but the boy has got it and so he's obliged to let me read New Yorker (so much cheaper! $6USD a month as opposed to the exorbitant of about $17 per issue and it's a weekly and it'll mean $68 a month!!!) and Matchbook Magazine.

If you haven't read Matchbook Magazine, you MUST! Cos it's awesome! Click here to read. Totally love it and in the February issue, they have this cool check list of 50 classic wardrobe pieces. Good cos it reminds me of buying classics and not following trends, especially when I'm trying to not spend so much money. But then there're some items which I've replaced on their list cos I don't agree with them and have modified it to my own liking and they are...

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  • now Platform Heels. I can't stand loafers cos it reminds me of old men and ah bengs on motorbike. It looks okay (marginally not okay in fact) on men but on women, they look blah...I mean just stick to flats, they're more flattering. And you need Platform Heels instead cos it's for the days when you need extra height but with the comfort of a hidden sole of the platform to make the arch more tolerable and easier to walk in
  • Tall now Nude Heels....Tall Boots are good but only in winter places. Own one pair or two but they're definitely not staple in our hot and sticky climate. But Nude Heels, on the other hand, is something every girl needs. At least a good pair and it's the shoe equivalent of the Little Black Dress in my book cos it goes with everything. When you have odd color outfit like say electric blue or shocking pink (especially this season since all the bright neon hues are back in), they'll blend in perfectly
  • Polo Shirt has to go...and I'll take Basic Tank Top instead....I hate polo shirt...I just hate it. It's like t shirt pretending to be shirt. It looks nice on guys but it always looks a bit blah on girls. I don't own one (except when I was in my teens and even then it was given to me) and don't intend to own one. They're just not really that flattering on women. The material is too stiff to be figure flattering and they always cut a bit too short and hang around the navel/belly awkwardly and simply don't blend in with the body line and therefore should be exterminated from your wardrobe
  • Stripped now Spiffy Cargo Pants. Now seriously, someone has to explain to me why and how stripped pajamas made it to the list. Only Bananas in Pajamas wear stripped pajamas. You, on the other hand, are better off wearing a nice soft teddy as pajamas. Even old tattered t shirts are better options. So off the list they go and I'll say bring in the Spiffy Cargo Pants for days when you need to be smart casual with more emphasis on the casual bit. They should be well cut and not too baggy
  • Navy Wool now Black Tailored Blazer. First of all, wool is not good for our weather unless you enjoy having wet armpits. So no wool please...and navy, in my book, doesn't quite go well with blazer cos it's just blah and reminds me of communist. Imagine wearing jeans with the navy blazer. It's too much blue and not enough contrast. Then navy blazer with black pants. You look like you lost your black blazer and have to use the navy one instead. Get the picture? So it'll be black.
So there you go....but speaking of list, check out Tom Ford's essential list....applies to women too....

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