Tuesday, May 03, 2011

May Muse

Reading: An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin. Yes, that Steve Martin who's the actor. Father of the Bride Steve Martin. Someone told me he writes well and he wrote this book around arts and famous painting and I just have to give him a shot. Does he write well? Well, let's just say he's not the worse but I'm reading it for the insight into Arts the book offers....Oh the super gorgeous cover helps though! It's like a canvas...

Listening to: The Black Key. I've always loved them and I'm listening to Tighten Up. Love them! And they always have really funny MTV. Awesome band!

Wearing: D&G black lace dress. Super love this! Got it in Hong Kong and there're many ways to wear it! Pair it with a black slip dress underneath for a standard look. A nude slip for a bit of a twist. And wear it on its own with nice underwear for a wild night out.

Christian Louboutin Biana in nude. Finally a Louboutin! But this requires major training cos it's so high! It's the hardest Louboutin to walk in! My other two Louboutins are so much more manageable but I really love this one!!! Yet I have a feeling that I'm gonna fall flat on my face anytime.

CK One perfume....it's one of my favorite androgynous scent and every now and then, I love to revisit it when I'm in the mood for something light and as we inch towards the "oily face" weather and humidity, I wanted something citrus-y and breezy so I've been wearing CK One quite a bit. 

Using: Kiehl's Golden Berry Lip Gloss. Yummy color and very moisturising! What's there to not like? It's got the same texture as the legendary Kiehl's lipbalm #1 but with a gorgeous hint of color and shine.

Eating: Ho-e-sik  Creamy Cheese & Mushroom Spaghetti from Hong Kong...it's instant pasta and it's freaking awesome. Manufactured by the famous Doll company but it's only available in Hong Kong. I've been eating this quite a bit as supper while I was in Hong Kong and I intend to get my sister Becks to send me some cos it's super good to keep in the office. Easy to cook too!

Loving: Olympus Pen E-LP2! OMG! Super awesome camera! And I don't think I need another camera now. It's a mini DSLR with the power of big ass DSLR and I've got my photo blog up finally!! It'll be an ongoing thing for now...check out my new photo blog here! Well the next dream camera I want is the Canon 5D MarkII....okay, maybe a couple of new lenses for my Olympus first....

My new Macbook Pro 2011.....No need explanation right? Time to upgrade my old macbook anyway and I love Mac!

Lusting after: A Kindle....okay, I've expressed my disgust over Kindle numerous times calling it blasphemous to the literature purist cos when it comes to books, it's gotta be the good old hard copy on good old pulp! I want to flip the pages, smell the paper and feel the book! But then my sister Beck and my Mr Bear got a Kindle and I fiddled with it a bit and realized it's super cool. Mostly becos of the picture display with all the classic literature heavy weight authors and it looks so damn good....And come to think of it, I wouldn't mind loading newspaper like The New York Times and perhaps non-fictions since I tend to love to collection fiction....now they have a white version...dunno...maybe black still...or white? Black? White? Whatever but I'm still wondering if I should get it!

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