Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Japanese Head Job

When my previous hairstylist left, I panicked cos yesterday I needed a hair cut with my way-to-long hair (it was way pass my boobs and looking very dated). I went hawking for a good salon recommendation and HL came to the rescue with a very very good recommendation of a Japanese hair salon at Raffles Hotel. It's Kizuki+Lim and it's the Singaporean branch of a growing Japanese company Less is More.

The cool reception area

The deco alone has won me over and the moment I walked in, I've decided to "marry" this salon (your relationship with your hair stylist is really like marriage, if it's good, you stick to him, if not, you divorce him and find another one). It's not like the usual dowdy and boring dark and dank hair salon getup. It's bright and artsy and it felt like I've walked into a modern art gallery.

Inside the salon, that's where you get your haircut
no ugly shelves in front of you with tons of hair dryer
Just clean uncluttered space

The hair wash area is facing the "glacier" wall, super nice
Oh the chair is automated and it reclines on its own

The interior is designed by Japanese interior maverick Teruhiro Yanagihara and you see a lot of glacier like structure with a pop hint of yellow. The wooden receptionist area compliments the whole look and feel for sure and the inside is spacious and you don't see a mess of worn out clutter that's common among many hair salons. I just love being there. Period. The whole setup looks like a page out of Wallpaper. Never mind the hair cut really. The salon itself rocks.

Oba is the cutest one...haha..the one between the two stripes shirt

So it's quite a bonus when the hair cut was good too. The whole team is Japanese and my hair stylist is Ryu Oba and he's this cute Kyoto native who was working in Osaka for 5 years before he came to Singapore about 2 years ago. If you're into Japanese style and would want your hair to look like the ones in Japanese hair books, then Kizuki+Lim is the right place to go. You can go check out their work on their website. I, on the other hand, is too lazy to style my hair cos I'm a wash and go girl (Jap hair requires styling for sure), so I just get a classic layered cut and lopped off probably 6 inches or more of my hair. The cut is pretty good and Oba didn't overdo the layer and it's just nice. I'm pretty happy except that I still feel that it's a tad too long for my liking and would prefer to chop off say another inch or 2. Ha, but it's okay cos now I have an excuse to go back there sooner. The next time, I'll probably do some color job as well. Oh but the only grumble I have is that the hairwash wasn't as long as I hoped it would be, but then again, my hair was way too long for a proper long hairwash, so hopefully the next time I go back, it'll be longer!

Their pricing is very reasonable. My cut by Oba is about $80 and their other hair services are really reasonable too, considering the location and the quality of the hair stylists. Another awesome thing is that tehy open till late at 10pm and I think the latest appointment is 8 or 830pm or something which suits me perfectly. HL said weekend is super crowded though.  I love Kizuki+Lim and I can't wait to go back!!


Anonymous said...

i think they should pay me a commission. i've recommended a few of my friends. -h.

B said...

Hahaha, you mean they don't have some kind of incentive programme if you recommend friends there??

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