Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shower Oil

Recently, I went to see a dermatologist with my dad cos he's been tortured by pretty nasty eczema and it's been a hellish nightmare for him. He's got super dry skin and the dermatologist said that he gotta be super careful when it comes to taking care of his skin cos maintaining enough moisture in the skin would help curb eczema quite a bit. So he was prescribed special shower gel and the dermatologist said he gotta start using a shower oil too to combat super dry skin. And it got me started on shower oil as well cos I have super dry skin like his and his eczema plagues him so much that I think I'd better start making sure that my skin doesn't get too dry since I probably has his genes...

I'm super religious when it comes to my face care ritual but when body care is concerned, I'm super random. I go through phases where I apply moisturizer religiously and then the complete opposite of not doing anythng for it. For someone with dry skin like mine, it's pretty bad but I always give in to sloth cos come on, face is a small area and rubbing moisturizer all over the body is just tiring especially when all you wanna do is just jump into bed and snore away!

So I figure a shower oil would be a good idea since it's a lot more moisturizing. I bought the Eurecin Shower Oil cos there actually isn't too many in the market here and Eurecin is a pretty decent dermatological brand and well, it is quite good! I'm a bit of a clean freak cos I love foamy shower and shower oil simply doesn't do the trick. So what I do is that I use my usual shower gel/soap and then I follow up with the shower oil. Something like the concept of shampooing and conditioning. The Eurecin one actually does foam up a wee bit so it isn't that bad and I can see myself using it alone though I really love a foamy shower. 

It does leave skin a lot softer and it leaves a layer for natural emollient film that's not sticky once you pat dry with towel. After showering, your skin feels super smooth and soft! I'm now being more diligent in applying moisturizer after shower but I guess with the shower oil, it would be less horrible to my skin if I skip moisturizer if I give in to sloth...yeah, it helps me feel less guilty for sure. But yes, shower oil is great if you have dry skin! It's definitely gonna be a main thing for me from now on.

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