Tuesday, August 02, 2011

August Muse 2011

Ohhh August now and one more month before Bali....I can't wait! Meanwhile...here's August...

Reading: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov...Yes, some couple of months ago, I said I was reading Lolita but I kinda stopped halfway cos I got kinda grossed out by all the lewd thoughts Humbert Humbert had in his head on a 12-year-old girl. It's disturbing so I stopped but then I picked it up again, bracing myself for more paedophilic perversity cos Nabokov's writing and language is just too good to miss. 

Listening to: "Conditions" by The Temper Trap....Love this Aussie band...not a new album but nice breezy tunes with a rocky edge. 

Watching: West is West by Andy de Emmony.....this is the sequel to East is East which was made more than a decade ago! I watched East is East while I was still in Uni and it took them 10 years to do a sequel! But this British Indie film kicks ass! I saw it on Saturday and I LOVE IT!!! It's so freaking funny but the poignant moments add so much depth to it. I had a tear in my eye at some scenes. If you love Indie films, this is a must-watch. 

Wearing: Cool Racer Back by Lululemon. Okay, I'm officially addicted to the Cool Racer Back cos it's so comfy with a very very flattering cut that actually makes me look skinnier and my arms toner. Nice cut too cos it's not too tight and it's perfect for workout and you can wear it to go out...I've got 3 and I wish I have one in every color. 

Using: Clarins Shaping Facial Lift....It promises the world by contouring your face and giving you shapelier profile...with my stupid face so damn prone to water retention (often making me look like a "Char Siew Bao"), I need this...I use it at night. Smells divine, awesome texture that gets absorbed quickly and it leaves skin soft. No complain! Dunno about the effects but at least I feel psychologically better and since it softens my skin and supposedly "detox" the skin, I'm in.

Miu Miu Butterfly Bow Bag in white....It's been all about Mulberry and Balenciaga for ages and I've neglected my first proper bag bought years ago. So out it came and I'm using my Miu Miu quite a bit. Still love it much! I think I gotta take it for some proper cleaning and servicing soon though...yes, you do need to bring your luxury bag to a bag beautician every now and then as part of the care regime. 

Eating: Lots of cherries! I LOVE cherries and it's my favorite fruit (I like white cherry more). I saw tons of it at the supermarket and I've been buying boxes after boxes nonstop (despite it being quite expensive at about $15 a box). Is it the season now or what? Dunno, don't care. I'm munching nonstop....

Loving: Jo Malone French Lime Blossom and Orange Blossom cologne. Oh so nice....Love Jo Malone cos it's exclusive and their perfumes don't smell like what every other person has on the street. I'm layering the French Lime Blossom with Jo Malone Grapefruit cologne for an extra burst of freshness while I wear my Orange Blossom neat most of the time. I think I would like to get the White Jasmine and Mint next. 

Lusting after: Still the Fujifilm X100. It's fucking awesome....Mr Bear has one and I get very annoyed when I play with it cos I want my own! The picture quality is just ridiculously good and really gives Leica a run for its money (a hell lot of it). Now you said I can just borrow it but it's not the same when it comes to shooting your own photos with someone else's camera. So MAYBE if I'm good, I MIGHT get mine end of the year....


Audrey said...

Hi Bmuses
do you listen to your CD at work or you mean in your itune? if itune, can i know where and how you download your favorite music album?

like to try ur favorite "listening" all these times and wonder how to do it :P
i am such a technology idiot :(


Tiffany said...

dear, have u thought of quitting your job and invest your wittiness and talent elsewhere with people who appreciate your quality?

B said...

@Audrey, I listen to it on my iPod/iTune. Well, you can get music from itune store. If not, download using bit torrent but that's not the erm legit way.
OR, you can look them up on youtube cos they've got most of the stuff there :)

@Tiffany, oh of course I have thought of quitting!!! Like 93473947389 times today in fact! Problem is, getting a job isn't too hard but getting one that I like and is suitable for me can be very difficult. Market is good now but then it doesn't mean a job's good for your profile would come by quickly. The point is not to randomly grab whatever job that comes along but to make a good career move. So yes, that would take some time unfortunately :(


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