Monday, August 15, 2011

YSL Arty

I can't stop gushing. With a ring and bangle as awesome as the YSL Arty, how could I not gush?

Forget about saving up for rainy days. I caved into temptation for good and bagged the YSL Arty Ring and Bangle. The best part? There's absolutely no buyer's regret here and that's when you know you bought something you truly feel 100% for.

The YSL Arty is the definitive icon for the range of YSL costume jewelry. Probably the most successful too with fans snatching up the ring the moment it was launched some years back and the clout of followings is still going strong. And with a stunning design as such, you can see why of course.

True to its name, the Arty is, well, very arty. I love it for the fact that it's a piece of art you can wear on your finger and the wow factor is immediate. So when my faithful YSL sales person whipped out the Arty bangle which just came into the store a couple of hours ago (which he so kindly reserved for me too...thanks Jackson!), it was a no brainer that I need to get them as a pair. Not to wear together as a set but as separates, though I do think with certain outfits, you can get away with wearing both without looking too gaudy.  The boy initially thought it was a bit OTT looking at the ring but he changed his mind and single-mindedly decided that it's a very stunning ring after seeing it on the finger....(I'm proud to say that my boy does have very good taste. After all, he is recently a proud owner of the Louboutin Alfie)

This is my all-time favorite piece hands down. And I'm determined to get it in turquoise and coral color too...once the stock comes in again...


Anonymous said...

you.are.spending.toomuchmoney! -hl

B said...

It's not as much as you thought like I told you!!


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