Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Move like Jagger, Age like Jagger

First you've heard "Move Like Jagger" and now you can also Age Like Jagger.....Why the hell not when this 68-year-old rocker is fit like a fiddler and with a 28-inch waist to boot?

Recently flaunting his trim bod and waist in his trademark pink suit iconic of his early Rolling Stones days, the coolest grandpa in the world celebrated his 68th birthday and proved that he's definitely still got it. Apart from the ability to pull of an otherwise tacky pink suit with much gusto, below is evidenct that his fit physique can easily put men half his age to shame.

According to the Daily Mail, if you want to Age Like Jagger, you need an anti-aging ammunition of expensive face creams, organic food, avocado and ballet lessons. Yes, you read it, ballet lessons cos that is how Sir Jagger gets fit and keeps his swagger. Here's a summary of his best kept secrets:

  • Work out. No short cut to this one, but Sir Jagger is a fitness fanatic since he early days and runs 8 miles a day...long-distance runner of his age is extra sexy. It keeps the mojo high
  • Personal training and ballet lessons. Yes he takes ballet, yoga and pilates for balance
  • Organic food and tiny portion. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips darling
  • Lots of avocado. The treasure trove of good fat and nutrition
  • No smoking, drinking and doping. Yes, his wild days of psychedelic drugs are over
  • Hitting dreamland by 11pm
  • Creme de la Mar, Le Prairie Caviar cream, Prescriptive Super Flight Cream, stash from Clarins and Lancome and some secret mask called The Lift (now it's my mission to uncover what that is)
  • Multi-Vitamins, Cod Liver Oil, Ginseng and Gingko Biloba 
  • Hot girl friend
  • Young friends to hang out with. He supposedly bans old peeps in his circle of friends...
Looks like I'll have to adopt some of his strategies...maybe with the help of a botox jab or two to keep my Jagger Swagger! After all, he is the one man I would want to be if I were given the choice to be any man. 


Audrey said...

maybe god bless jagger spirit to rock like a young wild kid in his heart too hahaha

do you believe in god? :)

i don't know..i know god perform miracle everywhere but yet there are sufferers even on the good. what is your view on god, bmuses?

B said...

This answer will require a different platform to answer. But in gist, I believe there's a higher being. Despite being brought up as a catholic, I don't quite feel for the concept of Christianity and Catholicism. It doesn't resonate with me.

I wish I know why there's so much suffering and how to stop it. For this alone, I can't imagine how any kind loving Christian god can allow that to happen and for earth to have degenerated to what it is to day. Christian god supposedly made human after his own image, but the question is, if he's all good and we're modeled after him, then why do we have bad traits like greed that is always responsible for many atrocities in this world? I think there's a duality in everything. The ying and the yang and after much reading up on Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism, I've decided that Buddhism works best for me since it's more of a philosophy and way of life.

But I guess everyone's entitled to their own choices and there's no point debating or trying to convert each other cos it'll just cause more disagreement. Religions should unite, not divide (just look at all the stupid holy wars! sigh). So I guess we gotta agree to disagree ;)

I've since converted to being a Buddhist but I don't practice so much of the rituals because I simply believe in karma of cause and effect.

But I'm starting to believe that there is a chance that our so-called "God" could very well be aliens. Not your green color bug-eyed ones with big head but extra terrestrial. But of course that will go into a whole different type of research and all which would require a whole different platform of discussion.

Thing is, I feel that the human race is a disgrace really. That much I know, anything that's religious related, I don't think I can be sure ever.

Audrey said...

Hi bmuses
yes me too, i know there is a higher being that control all mechanism if not how to explain the concept of human evolution e.g. like how baby is conceived, with eyes, ears,mouth, body with sense, feel touch etc at different stage of our life. so there is a fixed mechanism of growth and such a higher being is charge, that's "god".

yes i stand on the belief that if we are made to believe in jesus, god then why are there 911 or even natural disaster that takes away so many innocent lives? for all u know, those in natural diaster would be just our dear ones and as a christian, how can we still continue to believe in god? on another hand, god have also answered many prayers from people who is getting disease or cancer and make them see light again but yet there are good people who died from cancer and yet bastard who smoke their ass off and yet living free hold like no one business. so the line of "fairness" is hard to throw. the bible did suggest, in our world, there is bound to be troubled and people are bound to suffered. and what about the poor kids striving their ends' meet in 3rd world country where today meals is their living hood? what have they done wrong to deserve it too? then at the other part of the world, there are people who has been living off blessing and they are kept being blessed!! what have they done right to deserve it too? that's why i believe our destiny has to do with what god being the "chosen" one. the thing is we can't change our destiny but we can change our fate...


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