Friday, August 26, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's?

So Coco Chanel pioneered the Little Black Dress but if I must pick someone who iconized the LBD, Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's surely took the cake. Hands down.

Despite the somewhat floozy character of Holly Golightly in the classic film, she had got some serious chops in the style department. Well, it's Audrey Hepburn after all. Everyone loved and still loves her and she's undoubtedly one of my biggest idols. Elegance and grace personified. Boy, have I not mentioned enough that I LOVE the 60s?

Now to create the Holly Golightly style, the trademark tiara, Givenchy LBD , gloves, pearls and cigarette holder wouldn't suffice. You'll need that glamorous kittenish makeup to look the part and here is a really kick-ass makeup tutorial I found that would greatly benefit your transformation into Holly Golightly.

The before and after speak volume. So much that for a normally fuss-free daily makeup person that I am (my daily routine is a mere 5 to 7 minutes of concealer, a dust of powder and a hint of blusher), I'm so tempted to wake up half an hour earlier just to rock this look.

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