Thursday, August 18, 2011

There is such a thing as Magic

I know he's been the talk of the town. You've probably watched the youtube clip, heard him sing and most likely had a tear or two welled up but I still would want to post this on my blog because it would be a shame if you miss Sung Bong Choi's performance.

Sung Bong Choi is truly inspirational. In these day and age where tragic news of human atrocities populate the media, he's definitely a bright ray of sunshine that serves as a reminder that there is such thing as magic. There are beautiful things in life after all.

His next competition is on 20 August 2011. I wonder if he'll be singing tunes by my favorite modern day muso composer Ennio Morricone like he did for his last two performances. I'm rooting for him to win and make it big!

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