Monday, August 29, 2011


I'm about to tell you I've just tasted the best thing I've ever tasted in my entire life and I'm not exaggerating one bit.

Over the weekend, the boy whisked me away to Gunther's, a contemporary French restaurant (strangely with a German name), at Purvis Street. For our "Fancy Date Night", we'd go explore new fine dining places and the dressing up for it is the fun part where I get to glam up and wear stuff I don't get to wear daily. It was green Herve Leger bandage dress,  YSL Arty ring and bangle, Louboutin Bianca and my 2.55 accordion for Gunther's. The boy got to debut his spanking new Louboutin Alfie. And no, I've got nothing to do with his Louboutin purchase cos he just went into the shop one day with me and happily walked out with the suede Alfie all by himself.

Sorry I'm horribly camera shy. But this is a rare chance I could
wear both the arty ring and bangle together cos in the day
the combi would look too OTT

Now back to Gunther's. The deco was basic with dark walls and an art museum feel, nothing to shout about but nothing to complain either. Despite being a contemporary French fair, they take the traditional approach by presenting you with a tray full of their daily fresh food offerings filled with fish, lobster, rare veggies and exotic offerings like sea urchins, giant bamboo clams from Scotland and pigeon from not-sure-where in France.

Honestly, I would rather do without it because the Maitre d' would come by and introduce the fresh produce one by one while flinging a live moving lobster in front of you to demonstrate its freshness. I felt horrible when the lobster was shoved in my view because it had a look that said "Help! Don't eat me! Let me go!". I experienced a moment of carnivore guilt because while I'm mostly vegetarian and try to be as vegan as I can, I would indulge in a good meal and forget about being vegetarian once in awhile when I go for my Fancy Date dinner. Having a live lobster and fish in front of me really wasn't too pleasant and I had to kindly ask them to keep it away from me!

Anyway, for the starter, I ordered the fresh giant Artichoke (my favorite veggie) in carpaccio style laced with fresh mushroom and its sauce and a bit of jamon iberico just enough to give it an extra flavour. It's ridiculously good and definitely tasted a hell lot better than I expected.

Then came Gunther's signature dish, the Cold Angle Hair Pasta with Caviar and this is the best thing I've ever tasted in my life. No joke, it's so impossibly good that I had a major "gastro-rgasm". Yes, the eyes-rolled-back-and-moaned-in-pleasure kind of food orgasm. I've died and gone to food heaven.

I've had the privilege of trying many great awesome food in top grade restaurants including some with Michelin stars but this dish totally takes the cake hands down.  It trumps even white truffles which I'm obsessed with. The cappellini pasta was perfectly al dente and it's served with a chive and truffle-infused sauce and a very generous serving of caviar. It's served chilled on a cold plate too. I'm definitely coming back for more despite the hefty $60 price tag. I simply couldn't have enough of it and I've been thinking about it all the time since. It's so good that the guy next table said "Oh my god, I'm so coming back tomorrow for this" the moment he had his first bite. Let's just say this really is divine and if you need proof that there's magic, this dish is it.

For the main, since I allow myself carnivorous treat, I would go all out and ordered a steak. The boy and I ordered the Cote de Boeuf Flame. It serves two so you would need someone to have it with you. It's done medium rare and they'll flame it with cognac in front of you before taking it back to cut it up and serve it to you. 

This, however, was not on par to what I expected of Gunther's. Yes, it's a lean cut but I expected softer meat with more flavour. The boy liked it though because it's very well cut and all but we both agree that it's nothing compared to the angle hair pasta. The next time, we would order the pasta and many hor d'oeuvre instead. 

Dessert was Chocolate Fondant for me and Apple Tart for the boy. The Apple Tart is another signature of Gunther's and yes, it's the better one. The fact that you didn't see the photo of the apple tart means that it was quickly attacked, leaving no time for a quick snapshot of it. The Chocolate Fondant was made with dark chocolate with a molten core. Just the way I like it but I still prefer the Apple Tart for sure. Next time definitely!

So here you got it. The best dish I've ever eaten in my entire life and you should definitely give Gunther's a try and if you do, you MUST order the cold angel hair pasta!


Tiffany said...

awww!! finally a glimpse of your face, i see pretty lady in photo! :))))

so u did a smokey eye makeup? what eye makeup brand is that? any way with a little peek, i know you are pretty pretty :)

btw, are u still using lancome face teint foundie or ettusais? i remember u raved about it :P

anyway have fun dating!! your new boy is it? heheheheheheh happy bmuses!!!!

B said...

You're too kind! I don't photograph well! Yes, it's a smokey eye and I used Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Mystic Eyes I think or is it no.14? Dunno but I think Chanel makes the best eye shadow cos it really lasts through the day. You wear apply it damp for a more intense color too and the color palette I got is very versatile cos the lighter colors are suitable for daily wear and the darker ones for the evenings.

Yes I'm still using both Lancome and Ettusais Sparkling pack. I use the Lancome one when I'm less lazy to blend and most days I just use the Ettusais one cos it's so easy to slap it on haha...

Not new boy lah. Same boy.

But PLEASE go eat the cold angel hair pasta!! It's omg good! I'm drooling thinking of it. Get your hubby to bring you there! He gotta get his baby mama some good yummy treat!!

Tiffany said...

hey bmuses

yes, chanel eye shadow is very flattering for smokey eye , especially looks great in dim setting with your 2.55, so classic sexy right? hehe

sounds great, i am announcing this Gunther eat out to my husband tonight! :)

PS: if he says no, he will know why the next morning he wake up with bruises near his eye hehehehe


B said...

Haha, yes, sock him in the eye if he says no and make it look like an accident! lol


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