Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lemongrass House Goodies!

You might have read about my previous blog post on Lemongrass House (Click here) last year and I've been using and loving some of their products for some time. I love their stuff and their philosophy! And now they love me back and the nice peeps at Lemongrass House has passed me some products to try out! Yay! I got a bunch of products and I'm slowly trying them out one by one....and now, I've officially found the body butter with the best texture!!!

Okay, I'm obsessed with body butter since I have very dry skin and awhile back, I featured the Boots Fairtrade Rosehip Body Butter and it's awesome and now I've got another favorite and it's the Lemongrass House Lavender & Rosemary Body Butter. They're both awesome but in different ways. And no, I didn't say the Lemongrass House body butter is awesome cos they sent me the products cos I can very well not feature it. I've already spent loads of money buying their products previously (I got their lavender shampoo and condition, body cream, diffuser and shower gel) and I waxed lyrical about their stuff before as you can see in my previous post last year.

They really do have great quality products. In fact, their products are so good that Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons in Phuket and some many world class hotels and resorts in Thailand and US have been stocking their bathroom with Lemongrass House products (though with their own hotel branding). I'm really loving their body butter and I wonder why I didn't try it earlier! Anyway, I just picked up the products like a couple of hours ago and I slathered it on awhile ago and I love it so much that I must about it like NOW cos I'm excited and impressed!

So, why so good? The texture is AWESOME!!! Now, most body butter I've tried have got a heavy texture and the consistency is very thick as it's rich in moisture and oil but the Lemongrass House Body Butter has a delightfully light texture. It's actually very fluffy and it's got a texture that's like whipped cream and it's so easy to spread compared to the usual body butter. You MUST go check out the tester at the shop cos it's really very different. I think it should be called Body Whipped Cream instead cos it's so light and fluffy.

I got the Lavender & Rosemary one cos I'm a sucker for Lavender and it's such a pleasure to use cos the aroma is just really magnificent! It's a very nice treat after work and it smells so good that I can't decide whether to cup my hands together to inhale the nice scent or busy myself slathering my skin with it. So I did both, a bit retarded I know. Repeatedly massaging the body butter in while stealing whiff of the smell from my hands. And it's not your typical Lavender scent cos the Rosemary gives it a tingling minty zing that's very refreshing yet relaxing. And the best thing is that it gets absorbed very fast and don't be fooled by the light fluffy texture cos it's very moisturizing and even my dry bits like the elbows get really soft after use. And the best thing is that it's a no-nasty formula cos it's sulphate and paraben free so it's free of harsh ingredients and carcinogens. Most of their products are actually about 70% organic and you know I'm a major major sucker for organic anything! So this is one awesome gem that I will definitely buy after I finish it. In fact, I'm gonna tell my friends about it cos the texture is just incredible.

So right now, I have 2 body butter I love and I alternate it according to my moods! But really, if you're into body butter, you ought to seriously try this one out. It's light yet potent! I'll be using this at night cos in the day, I actually keep their Lavender Body Cream (I bought that) in my office and I apply it to my very dry shins  everyday and I have to hide it cos my colleagues have a tendency to steal it cos I've got them hooked on it as well. Now I've got the perfect day and night combo! But really, if you pass by their shops, just try it out! (They've just opened their fourth outlet at Raffles City 3rd floor, the other outlets are at Orchard 313, Liang Court and Parco Millenia Walk) Ohhh I'm one happy bunny tonight :)


Tiffany said...

sounds awesome! i always think attractive women not only pride their skincare and makeup but also body care, it seems not many singaporean really do invest in body i'm impressed by your sharing! a pity i don't think with their excellent quality, they have skincare right? they are only forte in their body care only is it? :)

B said...

Hey Tiffany,

Yes it's awesome. I've been using their products for quite awhile since last year. I really didn't expect the quality to be so good to be honest, so I was pleasantly surprised. My favorite is their Lavender Shampoo & Conditioner cos they smell really nice and it's good and gentle. The shower gel is really nice too. And this one is my new favorite.

They do have skincare like face cream and stuff but I haven't tried them yet cos I still have a bunch of face care at home that I haven't used. But I do think their strong suit is in body care. They also have a pretty good selection of essential oil for aromatherapy too.

And yes, I do think women in SG tend to focus mostly on their face care but then again, the climate here's humid so I figure the body doesn't get too dry. But for me, I NEED it cos my skin is so dry that I actually use body oil :s

Anyway, this morning when I wake up, my legs are very smooth and soft :)

Anonymous said...

sounds promising!

agree that climate plays big part in slight neglect of body care, coz well really don't need it and feel more uncomfortable most of the time with body lotion/cream. although recently, the weather has been great for slathering all those butters.


Anonymous said...

the way you describe it just makes me want to buy.

Audrey said...

Hi Bmuses
oh dear, i am guilty of not using any body cream :P but your review makes me so tempting , i will sure quote your name so the boss can give you discount hehehe ..nope, should give discount to me what hehe. kidding

actually want to ask you for sometimes, may i know what are your favorite reads? i know u feature several reads for your monthly newsletter but over time, which book left an impressions in your heart, in your mind?

B said...

Hey Audrey,

Well if you don't have super dry skin, you can probably get away with not using body lotion or cream everyday and some friends of mine don't use it regularly but only when they need to. But I play safe and apply everyday cos my skin is super dry. Yes, drop by Lemongrass House and try the body butter and see if you like it.

For books, I read a hell lot cos I'm a nerd.I have a couple of all time favorites:

My fave fiction (in no particular order):
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcial Marquez
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery
Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt
Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh
Norwegian Wood by Murakami

Mao's Great Famine by Frank Dikotter

I read mostly fiction and a couple of non-fiction...and these are just some of my favorites but I have a lot of books I really really love!!

Audrey said...

thanks , bmuses. got it, i captured your reply using iphone camera so i can go to the times/kino bookstore and pick out your choice. i do love how you think and write. and i think book helps too in shaping that flow of writing and personality. thanks!

B said...

Hey Audrey,

If you like something lighter to read, you might want to try Angela's Ashes first cos it's very nicely written and very funny. The rest of the books I like are a bit heavy and my friends tell me I do tend to have rather serious taste when it comes to books and I think Angela's Ashes would be a good read for everyone in general. Have fun at Kino! It's my favorite place!!

Audrey said...

Wow, perfect. you surely understand our "struggling to learn better but put aside books everytime we got started with a read" syndrome. a light, refreshing read is really what we need and get us hooked to picking up reading as long term hobby. yes, humor and light pays well. sure a great starter kit! thanks so much Bmuses!


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