Friday, January 14, 2011

Best Body Butter!!!

I've just discovered the BEST Body Butter money can buy and it's very affordable! Now, I've used and tried a hell lot of body moisturizer and last blogged, the last best body moisty I've used is Soap&Glory The Righteous Body Butter Lotion and that I thought was real good. Until I found the Boots Extract Fairtrade Rosehip Body Butter!!! And that is THE BEST!!!!! I've tried really expensive body butter that doesn't even deliver half the result and now my skin has never been smoother and softer!

It's got organic rosehip extract that's certified fairtrade with cocoa butter. It's got a slightly thick texture but it spreads well and melts onto skin and the best part? It's heavenly-scented! It smells totally divine with a very delicate rose scent for an olfactory treat every time you apply! I got mine while I was in Bangkok and it cost only 280 Thai baht which is below $15 SGD. When I woke up the next day in the hotel with super silky smooth soft skin, I immediately bought another 2 tubs. My dad, on the other hand, is now obsessed with the Extract Fairtrade Avocado Body Butter and we've got about 8 tubs at his place now....yeah, it's THAT good....and I think I'll stock up the next time I'm there!!! It's really really good and I've never been more industrious when it comes to applying moisturizer to my body cos I look forward to feeling the silky soft feeling on my skin once my parched skin drinks up all the goodness!


Anonymous said...

$15 is good price; i usually get the body shop ones when on sale coz cheap, but still about $20? --hl

B said...

Yup it's cheap and good and it's so good that the Body Shop ones can't even compare...


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