Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cranial Aromacology!

I've got a new shampoo I like (though I'm about to finish it cos I got a small bottle)...well, actually I only start liking now despite having used it for awhile...and it's L'Occitane Aromacologie Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner. Thing is, I bought it expecting it to smell super nice but I was a wee bit disappointed that it's got a rather faint smell that's similar to the Johnson Baby classic shampoo (the yellow one). You see, I'm all about smell cos whatever shampoo and shower stuff I use gotta smell divine so this one's a bit of a let down in terms of smell, especially when it's called the Aromacologie range.

Well the smell didn't measure up to my exacting standard but the performance sure does! The shampoo lathers really well to give a very moisturizing wash that leaves hair soft and relatively untangled even without the conditioner which is really great. The conditioner's light but enough to keep your hair tangle-free and because the shampoo keeps my hair quite moisturized, I only need to apply the conditioner to the ends of my hair. It doesn't over-coat hair like the usual Japanese pharmacy mass brands which I really hate, so your hair gets very light and very soft!

And now, I've slowly grown to actually like the scent. Not the ideal nice girlie floral type that I love but it's good enough. The only thing I hate about it is that the conditioner is of a smaller size. The shampoo comes in 250ml but the conditioner 200ml. I have issue with that cos I tend to use more conditioner and I dunno why they have a difference of 50ml...I'm fine if it's the other way round though. Will I buy it again? Yes, I think so! I got a small mini bottle to try and I'm definitely getting the bigger ones now.

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