Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Listening to Sean Lennon sings L'eclipse.....he's actually a family friend cos my aunt in NYC was his piano teacher for the longest of time...this is my favorite tune from Sean...the MTV is awesome...The other day, someone as me which Lennon do I like, Julian or Sean (they're half brothers in case you don't know)....I can't decide...I think Julian is a much better singer and I love his music especially Salt Water but Sean is cuter in a more artsy sense..It's a draw...hahaha....I like Julian cos he's a bit of the underdog that John Lennon neglected and Sean Lennon is the prized golden boy but well, despite his girlie voice, this golden boy does have some good talent and he's a very strong resemblance of his father in terms of looks and music (song writing that is, not voice...Julian sounds more like John)....yeah, it's got to be a draw...Okay, maybe it's Sean Lennon after all.....Anyway, here's L'eclipse...

He actually sounds a hell lot better (and sexier) singing French...Cette chanson est trop belle! I love!

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