Thursday, January 13, 2011

Love Sweet Love!

I just read an interview in Out Magazine on the love story of Tom Ford and Richard Buckley and I simply melted reading it cos it's a totally "awwwwww" article! Love is such an elusive thing and many of us don't really grasp what it really is and me included, but I can sure spot what it is when I see or hear about it and I can tell you it is LOVE with a capital L with Tom and Richard! They've been together for 25 years and went through the rough patch of Richard's throat cancer and they're still very much in love.....Click here to read...

I get all dreamy reading their love story and now the music churning in my head is "What the world needs love, sweet, love...." Seriously, how many people in the world can get a love like that? They're really a very fortunate couple! Erm, of course the fact that Tom Ford is bloody filthy rich...damn it...some people have it all huh? Damn! But hey, they're my favorite model couple!!

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