Friday, January 21, 2011

Photog Faux Pas

I made a major boo boo 2 nights ago while taking the bus....and it was embarrassing....

On my way home, I saw this school girl in the bus and there's something off about her. Then I realized, oh, it's actually a dude! A small sized one and he's wearing some kind of school uniform. White shirt with those puberty cream puff training bra underneath (you can see okay, cos it's a white on white with scalloped lace), green short skirt and trainers completed with a super kawaii canvas tote with cutesy trinkets dangling around it. He's also got some hair clip on too and he's reading a book. I actually examined him quite a bit (he couldn't really see me looking cos he's busy reading anyway) and it's soooo damn obvious it's a man cos he's got very masculine arms with veiny large hands, angular jaws and even a tinge of 5 o'clock shadow and it's without a doubt he's a dude.

I was texting Scotty about it and I wanted Scotty to see the kawaii Japanese school porn wannabe cross-dresser, so I figure I could take a secret snap shot since he's too engrossed in his book with his ear phones on anyway.

So I put my Blackberry to camera mode only to make the biggest boo-freaking-boo of my photographic attempt!! And I learn the biggest lesson of sneaky photography....

Lesson #1 of "How to take a sneaky shot of someone":
ALWAYS, yes, ALWAYS turn the flash light OFF!

Yes, I freaking forgot to turn the flash off and when I see the flash about to light up, I panicked and quickly stuff the phone in my bag but then you could still see the little bit of light coming out cos I wasn't swift enough and BAM! Mr Jap School Porn wannabe looked up with a murderous stares that probably translated to "You fucking c@#t! I'm so gonna mop the floor with your fucking face!" And he didn't let go of the I-wanna-fucking-kill-you glare until so much later...he stared so hard that it looked as if his eyeballs were about to flip all the way to the back of his head....and I had to pretend nothing's wrong and when I finally got off the bus....I breathed a sigh of relief!

So you've learned from me! So try this at, don't try this AT ALL!


Anonymous said...

lol, you are so cute.

Anonymous said...

u lucky u still alive. never die b4. -hl

jason said...

lol - ur mum might just say - gei soi ah lei! zhan hai mei sei gor! Followed by - loi ah, yi hao siu sum lah! zhan hai hak sei ngor!

Blogger said...

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