Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Rise & Grind

I'm back at work and I'm so sad cos I miss my folks and sister dearly :(

Before I left for the airport, my dad kinda disappeared somewhere and then while I was packing in my room, he emerged from the stairs with two boxes of Chinese meds for my phlegm and two cans of my favorite Shanghainese oil braised bamboo shoots for me to bring back to SG.

And he went out of the way to get them because I was phlegm-y and the other day, while eating at this shanghai-nese place, I loved the oil braised bamboo shoots and he mentioned that it's available in a can and I went to the supermarket in HK to look for it but got the wrong one...And he went to get it for me just in time for me to bring it back....I'm so touched and it makes me feel like crying cos I miss him terribly....It'll take a couple of days for me to be back to normal I think. The post holiday blues is very real...especially when you miss your family :(

My cat, Mr Bond, on the other hand, is probably happy that I'm back though he's been very attached to Dan the cat sitter (the best in the world). Bondie has been sleeping next to Dan every night and now I gotta slowly get acquainted with Bondie again...but fret not cos when I got back to the office, among the pile of Christmas presents, Princess got me a book called 50 Games To Play With Your Cat....awwww.....

Mr Bond will love it...but it'll involve making props for him so it'll take awhile before I gather the materials to hand make some toys for him...

Meanwhile, my attempt to take the bus instead of the cab has failed again today because I could NOT WAKE UP. AGAIN!!! Argh...I need to save $$$ and I'm back on the Project Chinese Jew now that I've spent all my moolah shopping while in Hong Kong and Bangkok...okay, tomorrow I shall try again!! I must succeed! Wish me luck!

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