Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Little Luxury...

Well, yes, I've stopped spending on stuff (with the exception of books, but that's allowed) and after coming back from Hong Kong with a busted piggy bank, I know better that I'd have to be on a Project Chinese Jew regime and start scrimping and saving lest I declare bankruptcy.

So I've been slowly rationing out my loot from Hong Kong. I basically bought stuff and not open it. I keep them in pristine condition and then "revisit" them when I feel the need to have something to muse about. So I unwrap them bit by bit (the last was the Dymo label maker) and now, I've got a bit of luxury...

While I was in the Landmark Mall in Hong Kong, I went to the Harvey Nichols beauty section and bought a bunch of stuff...Chanel eye shadow (*yawn* cos it's just eye shadow though a pretty luxe one) and then the cool stuff! Aka Steam Cream (the two colorful round tins) and Love & Toast Lipbalm in Pear.....Here's a closer look after I've removed all the che che packaging...

What fabulous packaging!!!

Both kinda cult now especially the Steam Cream cos it's selling super well in the UK & Japan. It's a hand bag size cream you bring around with you and the cream can be used for your face, body and hand to soothe any dry spots. What's special about this is that using a revolutionary steam-infused manufacturing process, Steam Cream provides a long-lasting, intensive and effective form of skincare that can be used on face, body and hands. 

This fluffy cream contains soothing and moisturising ingredients such as oatmeal infusion, orange flower water and lavender oil. And the best part? It comes in super attractive designs on the tin! Click here to check out more...

Then come another of my favorite brands Love&Toast. They make really delicious products with wonderful smell and organic ingredients. They have body products and perfume too and they all come in really brilliant packaging that's so damn irresistible.

See the inside of the box? First it's got a heart cut out..

 Ohhh then it's got a toast!

 It happens that my favorite flavor (pear) comes in my favorite packaging design too

Love&Toast has got a very charitable philosophy and a portion of their profit goes to a charity for young women to help empower them. Click here to read more...I wish they have this in Singapore!!! Garrr I wish I have some financial backing to bring in my favorite brands to Singapore! But then again, it'll probably fold and close shop cos I like pretty niche brands! oh well...


Anonymous said...

i get my love+toast here, they run promotions now and then--> http://www.soapnsorbet.com/


B said...

Ohhh love the site!! I wish they would bring in more stuff!

Tiffany said...

regarding the steam cream, there are various tin design but inside, it's still the same steam cream but just different packaging only right?

:) thanks
how often will you use this steam cream? bmuses, you got us excited over this product hahaha

i think this steam cream is rather similiar to paul and joe moisturizing balm mask that comes in a round silver tin, with flower motif

B said...

Hey Tiffany,

Yes, they're the same cream but it's just different tin designs you can choose from. And you can get them in SG from www.soapnsorbet.com

I use it for various purposes. I pop one into my handbag and use as hand cream. And sometimes I use it for my face also but usually when it's a bit drier than usual. I have pretty dry skin so I use it say twice a week at night.

It's a bit different from the paul and joe cos it's not exactly a mask but it's very nourishing though.

I love it! :) And the tin is so nice!


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