Sunday, January 23, 2011

Super Nature

I had a very spontaneous shopping frenzy trip to the organic shop, Super Nature, at Orchard Boulevard during lunch last week. HL told me about Super Nature by Club21 and I found that they've got my all time favorite organic brand Balance Me there and I made a very quick beeline down to check it out like literally immediately...took a cab from work and flew down)...

It's tucked in a very secluded corner in Orchard and not the most accessible cos it's at the ground floor of an old condo called Park House which is at the cross junction at Orchard Boulevard and Tomlinson Road.

It's got two sections, one for food and the other for everything else including organic dish washing liquid and toiletries and cosmetics.

They stock a pretty comprehensive range of organic face and body products from the more common brands like Burt's Bee to the more niche ones like Balance Me. Once upon a time, I had to buy my Balance Me either from the UK or from this little clothes boutique from Palais Renaissance called Puce Boutique (which also stock 3 of my favorite labels, Twenty8twelve, Erin Fetherston and Jasmine di Milo). And at Puce, the mark up is freaking ridiculous cos for a bottle of body oil that's about £19, I had to pay $90 sgd!! It's outrageous! And for a £12.26 body wash, Puce was selling at an exorbitant rip-off price of $45 sgd! Since Puce closed down last year (ohhh and you wonder why?! you don't say!), I had to rely on friends shuttling back and forth UK to get my hands on Balance Me cos last checked, they don't ship international...garr...

So when I found out that Super Nature has been selling Balance Me, I rushed down and I came back with a big bag of Project Chinese Jew down the drain...but hey, it's not just about toiletries cos I also got food and homeopathic stuff too...

What's in this baggie:

  • Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash
  • Balance Me Shampoo
  • Balance Me Conditioner
  • Balance Me Super Body Oil (the best I've tried!)
  • Figs n Rouge Rambling Rose Lip Balm
  • Duchy Herbals Detox Tincture
  • Boiron Silicea homeo tablets for Fatigue
  • Boiron Kali Phosphoricum for tension headache
  • Pukka Rose Water (as face mist)
  • Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles 
  • Organic Quinoa (full of protein)
  • Mitoku Japanese Rice Cakes 
  • Bear Yoyos Organic fruity candy (pure fruit actually) 
Yes, quite a bit to lug back but good thing is that Club21 member gets a 5% off, so my membership actually comes in handy cos now with Super Nature, Club21 isn't just about big ticketed items like a brand new hand bag or something...

Okay, will blog about the loot in a different post, but if you're after some good quality organic face and body products, do check out Super Nature cos they really have quite a good selection!

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