Tuesday, January 11, 2011

View from the top

Food porn alert! I just went to Ku De Ta for the first time (though I've long been to the original one in Bali) at Marina Bay Sands on the sky garden. Nice view indeed...

The ambiance is just normal, like a typical fine dining restaurant and I prefer the ambiance in the Bali one, but then again, the Bali one is next to the beach and it's a hell lot more relax and chilled out even in terms of the deco. The 3-course lunch menu is pre-set that comes with a platter of 5 different appetitizers (spicy ‘bo ssam’ pork belly & pickles, pressed baby spinach & toasted sesame, smoked eggplant & black vinegar, shima aji tartar, charred angus beef tataki & green chili ponzu) that's in my opinion the highlight....it's got 5 different mini sized dishes arranged in a pretty plate.

I honestly wouldn't eating these little dainty dishes instead of the main course cos the main course is just quite so so. I picked the ranger‘s valley black angus sirloin (rare) with wok-fried spinach and roasted sweet potato.

I'm a bit disappointed cos I was expecting a better quality steak. The cut itself is okay but my rare steak came to be a bit medium rare (I love my steak rare). It's also a wee bit dry and  not as juicy as it should be and my jaw got really tired from all the chewing. BUT the roasted sweet potato was unanimously divine.

Then came the dessert creation of the day and it's Yuzu shortbread with salt, pear and chocolate cream...

Now that is awesome!!! The salty taste went really well with the citrusy aroma of the yuzu and it reminds me of the nice Japanese salty lemon candy which I so very love. The chocolate cream is a mousse that's really divine and rich but it goes perfectly to harmonise with the shortbread. It's not too rich, just nice and I think the salt makes it really easy to go down even for those who don't like sweet stuff.

Somehow, perhaps it was the fact that I was on a holiday while I was at the original Bali Ku De Ta, I actually think the food in the Bali one is slightly better and so was the ambiance too cos the bar area in the Bali one is much cooler. Cos it's got an outdoor area that is super cool

But when I was at Bali's Ku De Ta, it got soooo windy that things were getting blown off and we had to go inside the restaurant instead but it's still super good!

The verdict for Singapore's Ku De Ta? Yes, I would go back but I would probably choose a different main course or perhaps just go back for dinner and I would like to eat only the platter! Like 10 plates or something cos that is just too yummy!


Audrey said...

wow, i always plan to surprise my husband on a diner date at Ku De Ta! i read it offered very beautiful, scenic alfresco scenery and perfect view. is it expensive at Ku De Ta singapore? how do you spend, dear?


B said...

Hello again Audrey!

Yup, it's got a very good view cos it's on the sky garden at MBS and it's best to go at night. BUT it doesn't give you access to the rest of the sky garden cos you would have to pay 20 bucks if you'd like to have a walk about in the rest of the sky garden. Nonetheless, the view is still good.

The alfresco is okay but it's not really that big an area. So if you book, you'd have to specify you'd like to sit outdoor.

Price wise, for lunch, we spent about 80 bucks per head cos the lunch menu is about $48+++ but then with the drinks included, it goes up to about $80 a head. If it's at night, I think it's about $90+++ for the food and the drinks is excluded. So expect to may say about $120 a head? Thereabout.

Audrey said...

Hi B muses
thanks for the head up, luckily i hear from you before i go there to get the maddest shock wahahaha kidding, i know it's not going to be cheap since it's at such pristine, prime dining, on top of marina bay somemore.

thanks..looks like this surprise treat to my husband will be better off when he treat me a tiffany ring :P hahahah


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