Monday, January 10, 2011

Vitamin Water should be named Sugar Water?

Ohhh I've been duped! Last month I was musing how I love Vitamin Water and I was totally addicted to it thinking it's damn good stuff cos the advertising said that it's so damn good for your health with all the vitamins and goodies.

Apparently Vitamin Water has been sued for false advertising and unwarranted health claims and the most ridiculous thing is that, despite Coca Cola marketing Vitamin Water as a healthy drink and is a great way to hydrate, their defense to this lawsuit was that the it's "no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitaminwater was a healthy beverage."

Seriously what the fuck is this? And guess what? I've previously overlooked that a bottle contains 33 grams of sugar, not too far from a normal can of soft drink. And you know what? The recommended daily allowance of sugar for a woman is only 20 grams!!

Click Here to view the full article and you'll know how ridiculous it is!

Yikes...I hate false advertising and I was duped by its very attractive and colorful marketing! If you think about's rubbish pretending to be something healthy. How is it different from the poison milk in China pretending to be normal milk? Only the latter kill you faster and is a lot more lethal....False advertisement sucks. Period. Unethical.

No more Vitamin Water for me!!! Not to mention I'm trying to cut out sugar now cos I've been having serious sugar wonder I found Vitamin Water addictive!! Cos it's the sugar! Yeah, best not to leave nutrition to a soft drink company!

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