Thursday, January 20, 2011

Diana diana diana, I would die for you....

Ohhhh excitement! I went to collect my first two rolls of 120 film I shot on my shocking pink Diana F+ last Saturday and the photos I've got aren't too shabby at all! I was almost expecting it to be shitty cos Mr Bunny said most people would take at least 2 to 3 rolls to get the pictures right and get a good feel of how to use the Diana F+ but well, I'm proud to say that I'm very very happy with the results and even Mr Bunny said he's surprised that I've got quite a lot of nice shots! Most first timer couldn't do that and I'm a natural, said Mr Bunny! *blush* Yes, not much modesty telling you guys I know but hey, I'm really happy with the pictures! So just let me boast a bit! Okay, not like they're super fantastic but it's pretty decent for the debut rolls...

Anyway, I've selected some of my favorite shots.....taken from my recent trip to Thailand and back home in Hong Kong.....I love all its nice vintage feel with grainy yet high color saturation.....I'm so sick and tired of the usual high res, high def digital pictures and it's getting boring and there, DianaF+ gives a very good and fun  artsy alternative to the ubiquitous perfectly crystal clear shots

I love how it's focused on the groin area and off focus on the

This is my 2nd favorite, it's got a very slight vignetting 

Diana F+ does best in bright sunlight, I'm gonna try using the color filter flash next time in the dark

My 3rd's a golden boy somewhere in the Wat Arun. Mr Bunny likes this best from the thailand collection

Attempting double exposure

Slight vignetting on the top...

Dad painting the poles in the garden...sorry about the thinning hair..but I love this photo

Saving the best for last, this is my all time favorite and Mr Bunny's all time favorite from this lot cos this is the classic text book Diana F+ photo according to Mr Bunny the pro......Nice subtle vignetting at the bottom and I added a bit of tinted flash for that ring light effect...This is my mom and my feline brother Momo...erm if you're wondering why there's white stuff on my mom's face, it's some beauty mask thing...

Can't wait to take more photos! And with my Diana F+ mini too! I'm so excited!

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