Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Alexa Meade

This is another Alexa I'm obsessed with (first is Alexa Chung for her style and I think I'm gonna name my daughter Alexa cos all Alexas are so cool)! Now this Alexa, Alexa Meade, is one cool artiste. She's a painter and photographer who photographs portraits of people and making the print looks like oil painting BY PAINTING DIRECTLY ON HER SUBJECT and later taking a photo of them. Simply put, you go there, she uses paint, paints all over you, makes you look like a moving oil painting and takes a snap shot. The portrait photographs actually look like oil on canvas!!! It's freaking cool!!!

"Alexa Meade has innovated a Trompe-L’Oeil painting technique that can perceptually compress three-dimensional space into a two-dimensional plane. Her work is a fusion of installation, painting, performance, photography, and video art.

Rather than painting a representational picture on a flat canvas, Meade paints her representational image directly on top of her three-dimensional subjects. The subject and its representation become one and the same. Essentially, her art imitates life on top of life."

Now take a look at her work and if you don't think it's freaking brilliant, you'd better check that you still have your pulse.

This is an ACTUAL photograph, the guy is an ACTUAL human being

Now you'll see a clear perspective...though her 2-D painting skills is so good you still can't quite see it's actually a 3D person...wait...

Next one

Better? It's a bit easier to see the guy is actually a real 3-D's so surreal don't you think?

Here's another shot of Alexa and her subject...Now it's clear that's a human model

I think it's freaking brilliant and I wonder how much time it takes for her to paint you! Oh and how much does she charge to commission a portrait! I would really want a portrait of myself by her! Here's her website if you're keen to check out more of her work!

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