Monday, February 07, 2011

Organic Mania

I'm now in the process of slowly replacing my usual toiletries with organic ones...I'm more or less done with products with carcinogenic paraben and harsh sulphates and these days, I'm just a lot more conscience with what I put on my skin as much as what I put in my stomach. I've gone 90% organic vegan and I actually feel pretty great, so it's time the greatest organ of my body gets some no-nasty loving with good organic skin and body care.

I went to Bud Cosmetics a couple of days ago at Novena Square 2 (they also have an outlet at Mandarin Gallery 3rd floor). I've seen it around when Novena Square got extended but I didn't think much of it and didn't even bother going in. Then HL (omg, she's always making me spend money) told me that she went to this great organic skincare store at Novena Square and so I went to check it out the very same day she told me (she said I'm very efficient) and I walked out with a bunch of stuff together with a Membership card...okay, I think I will stop spending now...

The Loot List:
Dr Bronner's Lavender Liquid Soap
Filthy Farmgirl Rosie Rose Petal Soap Bar
Sante organic nude nail polish
Sante organic nail polish remover
Fushi Hydrating Lip Balm

I should have walked into the store when I went pass it the first time I was at Novena Square 2 cos this is a organic skincare haven! They stock a really good range of brands from the common John Masters Organics to the lesser known brands like Fushi from UK and fun organic brands like Filthy Farmgirl from Hawaii and many more from France and Germany! And they also have an online store too if you're too busy or live too far to pop into their shop. Well, I'm someone who wants instant gratification when it comes to shopping so online doesn't have the same kick for me and I love to personally feel, smell and touch the products when I buy toiletries and skin care. The one I'm super excited about is the Sante nail stuff cos the nail polish and remover and they don't contain harmful substance like Touluene, acetone and all the rest of the harsh toxic chemicals in most nail polish (the cheap Korean brands ones are the worst! Don't even go there really!). Thing is, nail polish and remover are never healthy cos slapping any chemicals on your nails and skin isn't a good idea but then what about pedicure and manicure then? Yes, yes, vanity trumps health at times but I guess choosing good quality non-toxic products is a smarter options, especially if you're a heavy user of whatever products you're layering on...

When non-toxic nail polish is concerned, Sante rocks! I've tried other brands like Mavala and Zoya but they don't go on as smoothly as Sante..well, thing is, they don't cost as much either cos Sante's going at $26 a pop...but well, something's gotta give right? And I bought a nude polished color in beige. Excited! Will paint my nails soon!

And more product reviews coming up. Meanwhile, if you're a green, organic junkie like I am, check out the store! It's on the ground level of Novena Square 2 and 3rd floor of Mandarin Gallery. A very nice treasure trove of organic beauty brands!


Nikie Leng said...

You can try their organic cosmetics call Organic Glam. I am so hooked on their products now. But it's a wee bit expensive though. You can talk to the shop owner, Eric to find out more about each brands and product recommendations. He is really a nice guy.

B said...

Oh I know Eric, he's really nice and I did check out Organic Glam, it's the make up range from The Organic Pharmacy. Didn't really want to try them yet cos I'm not really liking my face cream from The Organic Pharmacy. I love 100% Pure make up. It's pretty good and not at exorbitant prices. Organic Glam when I'm richer haha...


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