Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fushi Fabulous

My obsession with organic beauty products (especially lip balm) has gotten me to keep trying new stuff and I've found a really good organic lip balm that is definitely gonna have a long-term relationship with me and my smackers. It's the Fushi Organic Hydrating Lip Balm from you guessed it, Buds Cosmetics (well, I did tell you previously I've bought a bunch of stuff from them so it's the review time)

First thing first, Fushi's a reputable organic brand that I've tried years ago while I was in UK and back then I only tried their shower gel cos a friend of mine had it. They're quite popular in the UK and produce ethical and awesome products that's not only organic but their ingredients are fair-traded and they also have a charity called "Tree for Eternity", a programme that helps alleviate poverty in rural Africa. They're ethically accredited. 

So when I saw that Buds Cosmetics actually stocks, I thought I'll try the lip balm. They have 3 different types, one specifically for cold sore, one anti-wrinkle and this hydrating lip balm. At $16, it's really affordable and the Hydrating Lip Balm is really great. 

It's got a very faint scent (like most natural organic product) and it's very light and non sticky. When you apply it, it's got a nice minty feel to it that's really refreshing and the moisturising effect lasts really long too. I applied it before I go to bed and the next morning, my lips are still moist, soft and very supple. The texture is really wonderful cos it's just nice and yet non gooey. Highly recommends this. Thing is, you'll have to finish it up within 6 months cos it's paraben free so it's gotta be used up pretty quickly since it's preservatives free. But I'm using it so much that I don't think it's gonna be a problem to finish it up :)

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