Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year!

It's officially the Bunny Year! Happy Lunar New Year to all! I'm having a bit of an orphan Chinese New Year this year cos my folks and sister are flying back to Hong Kong today. Of all days I know, but then my pappy gotta be back home for work in time and couldn't get any flights in the next couple of days, so he gotta leave today :( Separation anxiety now cos suddenly the house is so damn quiet and even Mr Bond is a bit maladjusted and he's missing everyone and looking restless. Ahh but at least now I can walk around my apartment in my skivvies and start rearranging and tidying up the place now that it's back to me and Mr Bond...

Good thing is, I'll be left alone for the CNY and I won't have to do the whole visiting thing cos I'm not a fan of that cos it's the annual "Why aren't you married yet?" segment by all the nosy relatives. And I'll be quiet happy catching up on my readings at home and meeting my "adopted family" aka my bunch of friends instead! Ohhh and acupuncture on Saturday too! I really think it's doing me some good and I've gone to buy enough beauty treats and new shoes ( 4 pairs?) + clothes to keep myself occupied and amused for the next couple of days. I'm super enjoying the long weekend!

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