Friday, February 25, 2011


I've just bought the last couple of Patyka Bois de Rose Rosewood Body Cream!! They're discontinuing this line! So if you're a fan like I am, please go grab all the last ones you can find! I went to Bud Cosmetics to get them!! The texture is really good cos it's light and gets absorbed quickly and your skin is soft and smooth after. But then no point reviewing now that they're discontinuing this range...bahh...

The brand isn't folding but it's sad cos this is the more affordable line from Patyka, like the pret-a-porter, ready-to-wear equivalent and after they cut this pret-a-porter line, Patyka's gonna have only the expensive range (the equivalent of couture, haha) and the body lotion for that is probably gonna cost something in the range of $60!! Bahhh! And you don't even see this range on their website anymore....sad...but their website is soooo pretty, I love it!

And Patyka is great cos not only are they organic, paraben and sulphate-free, they're ecologically ethical because:
  • Their formula for body wash and shampoo is kind to the water source and environment. Stuff like that  is important especially when you're at a location near the water sources, say beach resort, cos a lot of toiletries contain substance that affects the water source and the pH balance of the ocean, so to be kind to the environment, you would want to choose something that doesn't do harm. 
  • Their ingredients are from sustainable sources
  • Their packaging is from recycled sources and is recyclable 
  • Their ingredients are natural but yet effective 
Okay, I guess I will check out their new range after I deplete most of my stuff at home...oh's gonna take some time...

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