Thursday, February 10, 2011

Filthy Farmgirl

Noooo...the title isn't what you think cos I'm not blogging about some porno thing but a company that produces fabulous soap called "Filthy Farmgirl"! Yes, rather naughty and cheeky name but their soap is freaking FABULOUS and to die-for!!!

Last week, I went to Buds Cosmetics (Novena Square and Mandarin Gallery 3rd Floor), the organic cosmetics and toiletries store in Novena Square to stock up on organic products and I saw these really gorgeous soap with very cool packaging that smells really awesome. It's from Hawaii and they have a hand-made, no-nasty ingredient approach (no sulphates, no paraben) and they use mostly organic ingredients too.

The most attractive thing is that they've got some seriously cute retro packaging that's so eye-grabbing and the names of their soap are totally ingenious and very cheeky. They've got names like Filthy Ass Soap (with a picture of a donkey but hey it smells divine nonetheless), naughty ones like Filthy Pussy (with a cat hello?) and Filthy Cock (with a rooster, aka male chicken please! haha) and even kinky ones like Filthy Nurse Soap...And you know what? They have a total of 69 different scents for you to choose from!!! Their packaging is sooo pretty that I'm gonna put together a montage for you (not all 69 cos it would take the entire day)

Such gorgeous gorgeous packaging no? They're like a piece of art and it makes my post looks so pretty! I couldn't resist and I bought the Rosie Rose Petal (apparently limited edition but is available at Buds Cosmetics) soap purely cos it looks pretty and smells divine, thinking that if it sucks, I can always use it as hand soap anyway.

But well, I'm super impressed cos the soap is SUPER moisturising and not at all drying!! In fact, it's so rich and luxe that it is actually MORE moisturising that some of the shower gel out there! No joke. I have pretty dry skin and soap will always leave my skin too dry and squeaky and even when I used the supposedly moisturising soap, my skin gets so dry after that it feels as if it's gonna split.

So when I tried the Filthy Farmgirl Rosie Rose Petal, I was very pleasantly surprised that my skin actually feels okay after and even slightly moisturized! Thing is, their soap doesn't contain sulphate and other harsh ingredient and it's mostly organic. And for $16 (cheaper online obviously), it's a very good big slab that is probably gonna last for some time. My Rosie Rose Petal soap has actual Rose petals in the soap itself and the wonderful scent is unbelievably nice. In fact, the whole bathroom smells divine because of the soap. I'm sooo in love with the soap! I'm gonna buy more now and I'll have one collection of soap for me to use according to my mood! It's really great and you would want to try it, trust me! You can find out more on their website

Very cheeky!!

I've gone back to get 2 more soap and this is gonna be a gift for Mr Bunny who has brought me some super cool lipstick from Morocco which I would blog about soon....It's really great for gifts! He loves it and he now can't decide whether to use it (cos it smells so freaking nice) or to keep it as display! I love Filthy Farm Girl Soap! Freaking awesome!

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