Saturday, February 05, 2011

Tokens from Kawaii Land

Ohhhh cool okashi from Kawaii land!! OGT went to Tokyo for New Year and 2 nights ago, she came and brought me some cool Japanese snacks!

Ohhh Senbei and a box of japanese cookies with super cute packaging! Kawaii max!

Check out how cute it is? A little white and black cat together and they're holding hands, or paws for that matter. We're saying it's Mr Bond's parents cos the white cat's got yellow eyes and Bondie probably got the black cat's overall color, the white cat's eyes and white sock paws and collar...It's so cute I really couldn't bear eating them!

But OGT insisted on having it cos it can't be kept for too long. So we had some and it's super yum! Haha...this is one New Year's goodie that I won't share with anyone!

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