Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old Time's Sake...Old Canto!

This is for all the old cantos out there, or whoever grew up with Canto songs!! I was still crawling on the floor in Hong Kong when I first heard this and she's probably my first ever idol before Madonna and Duran Duran came in the mid-80s...well, it's the Queen of Canto Pop Anita Mui!!!! And this is the song that made her famous where she clinched the winner title of the Hong Kong's prestigious singing contest. Check it out! I LOVE the song and I LOVE her voice....too bad she's dead.....the other day my folks were just making a comment that new singers these days sound alike but nobody can sound like Anita Mui....I totally agree...the video is hilarious...check out the back-up dancers' routine!!! It's so gay! Especially when the guys are wearing white tights!! Princess is now doing it in the office!!! Super LOL!

Ohhh and I totally remember having a pink feather fan when I was young to attempt the dancing bit...yes, I was once super duper uncool....that's what happened when you turned on the TV too much in the old Hong Kong...but hey back then, I think it was super cool!!!

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