Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I'm obsessed with...

I've caught a whiff of serious boredom that somehow got me thinking of the things I'm obsessed with cos I was trying to fill that yawn-inducing gap of dull moments with something I enjoy thinking/reading/looking/ and well well well, I just started thinking of what I'm obsessed with and I've come up with a list....Here goes:

  • Books! Books and more books! But only good quality literature in quality print or hardcover if possible. No chick lit please! I collect books (from classics to children's books to non-fiction), I buy too many and I couldn't get enough of them but I only buy the quality paper bag (better paper) and hard cover mostly...I really wanted to have a library at home!
  • Lip balm...HL could attest to this but I've (actually both of us) been obsessed with lip balms forever. I probably have over 20 different ones at home and it's still growing and I have to consciously stop myself from getting more. In my handbag alone, I have 4 different ones but I still always love to get new ones and try new HL said "You can never have enough cos they always finish fast". I gotta stop really...will try
  • Perfume. I inherited my love for perfume from my grandma since I was little. She would spritz her Diorissimo on me and now my relationship with perfume has become an obsession and I love to sniff out new perfume and I love wearing perfume and if I don't, I feel naked. I have way too many perfumes at home and I collect cult perfume but so far, I've finally found a couple of perfume that I really enjoy and they're likely to stick with me for the long haul and they're: Chloe by Chloe, Petite Cherie by Annick Goutal, L'Ombre dans L'eau by Diptyque and Tresor in Love by Lancome....
  • Magazines....Actually there're only a couple...Nylon, Glamour (UK edition), National Geographic, New Yorker and NW (the fabulous aussie tabloid)
  • Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl in that order. These are pretty much the only 2 tv shows (I don't turn on the tv at home. Very very rarely...I can live without it) that I watch and I always make sure I'm up-to-date with the latest episode and I'll download the moment they're shown in the US. And between the two, I'll pick Grey's Anatomy cos I'm very much like Meredith Grey...very similar in terms of character and it's a bit like watching myself. After 7 seasons, I still love the show so damn much. My all time favorite. I feel lost when they break for the season!!! That's how much I LOVE it
  • Health Supplements. Yes, I'm a pill popper. On an average day, I pop a multivitamin, a calcium supplement (I don't wanna crack a hip bone when I'm old), Evening Primrose Oil and pearl powder (for good skin and trace element). Occasionally, I beef up the pills with an extra fat burner or something and I love detox stuff...I'm currently sipping Duchy Detox yes, I love health supplement!
  • Organic, sulfate-free and paraben-free anything...from organic food to body products...I love them all... LOVE going to Super Nature to get toiletries and food
  • Hair's always between jet black and light ash brown...and it's about getting that RIGHT ash brown...currently I've given up on ash brown cos so far no hair stylist can gimme the exact color I really always turns out a bit off and I'm very very exacting when it comes to color so now, sod it,  I stick to jet black. The kind of blue black that's so intense that people actually ask if it's my natural color and it actually compliments my skin tone very well too. 
  • Knickers...I love cute knickers and I have assorted color bras to match them...I always buy knickers...
  • Cooking pasta....I'm good at it and I'm forever trying and inventing new recipes, and now that I'm mostly vegan, I gotta be more creative...
  • Recycling stuff...I'm kinda unglam when it comes to recycling cos I would actually accumulate plastic bottles and then bring the whole lot back to work cos the recycling bins at my condo have disappeared for I did the whole old aunty thing and and stuff the empty bottles in plastic bags and bring it to work...or I make OGT bring it home to pop the bottles in the recycling bins near her home. For paper, I make scrap paper, cut the A4 into half and put a large crocodile clip on's cathartic when you're stressed and pissed off cos all the paper slashing action is quite a good outlet
  • Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. Daughter of the former French Vogue Editor Carine Roitfeld. She's the epitome of style and she's got the ultimate French je ne sais quoi....some people have it all. A cool mom, gorgeous face and body, dream wardrobe and a fucking hot boyfriend to boot! But yes, her style is so natural...guess it helps when your mom is the editor of French Vogue. She's my current girl style crush


kellina said...

If you like Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, you may like my blog... Hope to see you there!


B said...

Hey Kellina,

Yes, I love your blog! I get all the info I need from there!! Keep up the good work!!

Tiffany said...

hi i have been following your blog for sometimes and love all your wacky posts about life, reflection and also your organic love :)
but still, i can't decipher what's the meaning of HL..opps i would have missed the part when u announce who is HL? a special guy in your life?

i asked my husband if he knows what's HL. he shot me back with a retarded reply, "Horny Leader" wahahhaah of course not, but it's cute share with you hehe

B said...

Hey Tiffany dear,

Noooo, HL isn't a special guy!! HL is the initials of a friend of mine. She calls herself HL when she leaves comment on my blog so I just use HL instead of her full name.

Another friend I always mention is OGT and it's also initials for her nickname.

Your hubby is funny! But tell him it's not Horny Leader!! LOL


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