Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Life Saver!!

I've been touted as the ultimate mosquito repellent. Mozzies love me and when I'm with my friends, they're safe cos I'll shield them from bites as I'll be the sacrificing lamb the mozzies attack. And if you've seen my legs, they're covered in mozzie bites and I look as if I have permanent eczema. Don't even get me started on how the itch drives me nuts! Talking about it makes me want a stiff drink cos it's pure tragedy. Just imagine you have a bite on your inner thigh or the sole of your foot and you're in a serious business meeting with a transparent glass table......garrrr!

But lately, I've found two salves to my mozzie tortured limbs and they're quite my life safer now! They're  a duo that works hand in hand. First it's the Lemongrass House Hydrating Mosquito Repellent. When I met up with the peeps at Lemongrass House's boutique opening at The Raffles City 2 weeks ago, they were telling me how their insect repellent spray is actually the first ever product their founders, Bobby & Palita Duchowny, came out with and it later got bought by bulk by some UNICEF peeps cos it's very effective. So I immediately pointed to my spotty legs raped by mozzies and scored myself a complimentary bottle of the repellent cream to try.

Thing is, I'm very afraid of insect repellent cos they usually smell very strongly of citronella and spraying them on generally repels not just insects but people in general, especially cute guys. Last check, smelling like roses is attractive, but smelling like a block of mozzies-repelling citronella is hardly sexy. For most insect repellents, the smell is usually very overwhelming. Your repellent usually walks into the room before you do cos that's how strong the silage is for citronella (and that's why it repels mozzies in the first place). But the Lemongrass House Hydrating Mosquito Repellent is a god-sent cos it's got a very subtle yet effect scent and it's not just pure citronella but it's got other a lavender infusion.  When I apply it to my legs at work (the mozzies are mostly from work cos I have a major garden next to my office), I won't reek of citronella and it's even got a very nice cooling sensation. And the best thing? It's hydrating like a moisturizer, so it's really 2-in-1 and quite effective! Perfect!

Of course, no repellent is 100% mozzie-proof and if I get bitten, I've found the perfect remedy to stop the crazy itch and it's the Two Girls Floral Water Stick. Okay, you can't get it in Singapore cos it's a very very old school brand from Hong Kong and they used to be famous for their floral water and they started in 1898!! Vintage really! They also sell face cream that's very similar to the old school Hazeline Snow and basically stuff that your old granny would be familiar with. But lately, in the last couple of years, they've been given a revamp and they've modernised all their products in terms of look, formula and packaging. The Floral Water Stick is a modern twist to their old floral water. It smells the same wonderful scent but it's now all handy and you can pop it in your handbag. Traditionally, the Floral Water has many different usages. You can use it as a perfume, as a towel cologne, as insect repellent (though not the most effective), and it's really very very effective for stopping itch from insect bites. I didn't know about this until my cousin whipped out one and started rubbing it on her mozzie bite. And the rest is history cos it's really SUPER effective! It even trumps steroid cream hands down (ok but only for mozzie bites, for eczema and things I'm not sure and you shouldn't try since there's fragrance)! Now I have one at work, one in my bag, and one at home. And I'm gonna upgrade it to 2 at work (just in case), one in EACH handbag and 2 at home (again, just in case). Life saver much!!

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