Thursday, February 24, 2011


 The United Nation of Skanks?

Today I'm gonna talk about the emergence of Skanks. Yes, Skanky girl kinda of Skanks, that is, slutty girls who behave and present themselves (be it the way they dress, talk or behave) provocatively sexual or overtly and overly flirtatious with whatever men they cross path with. I'm almost sure some of you might have known a skank or two and might even have some run-ins with them. Thing is, men kinda love skanks cos they're slutty easy target and well, if I'm a single man and I have skanks throwing themselves at me, of course I would take the free pussy!

Let the skanks be whatever and whoever they want cos there's always a place and time for skanks and sometimes they can provide pretty good entertainment even. I, myself, love to read the blog of a skank (whose name shall not be mentioned) both me and OGT love to slag off and yes, it's soooo entertaining what skanky stuff she would be up to. But then there would also be a time when you have major issues with skanks when they start throwing themselves at your boyfriends and husbands, sometimes knowing that they are taken and attached or married! How outrageous!

Me and my lovely Joanie have had our fair share when it comes to seeing how some skanks would try to lay their hands on the men we're with and boy, we both HATE them with a passion! Honestly, we both don't know why some women would do that cos yes, sexy is good but sexy doesn't have to be skanky and skanks just make themselves look cheap and crass. Yeah, crass not class. Fine, if you have a nice body, of course play up your nice features, after all, if you have it, flaunt it. But it doesn't mean you gotta let it all hang out cos it's more scintillating to do it tastefully no? Also, there's a place and time for flaunting the body. If you're proud of your perky boobies and pert bum, go sun-bathing or the pool in your skimpy bikini. Wearing lingerie as outfit (and I don't mean the sexy classy type where you have a nice lace camisole under a jacket or something) everywhere is well, just cheap.

And many are so vulgar that we seriously don't know why they want themselves to look or behave like a paid working girl. I mean where is the respect for themselves? Don't they have anything else to offer? And what are they gonna do when their looks are gone and their boobs and ass start going south? Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot, call in the plastic surgeon. But it's sad when your self worth has to be judged based on how you look and not much else....And I said that if I have a daughter and for some reason beyond me that she turns out to be a skank, I would seal up her vajayjay and send her to a convent. Joanie suggested sending her to a temple and I think it's even more brilliant cos she would have to shave her hair bald!

Now let me identify the different kinds of Skanks out there:

  • The Real Whore Skank: Yup, as the name suggests, they're just out for a real shag and just wanna get laid for whatever reasons. They could be sex addict or they have self-worth issues and find self-worth and assurance in having men wanting to bed them. They'll hit on anything with a dick, even ugly ones sometimes cos they need to be wanted sexually to feel good. Sad really. It's also known as the "FATA" aka Fuck And Throw Away cos usually, they're easy laid for a night of shag and nothing more
  • The Gold Digging Skank: Self-explanatory much? These skanks go for rich men and the men don't have to be old. As long as they've got the money, it doesn't matter that he looks like Jabba The Hutt. These girls don't necessarily dress like sluts but once she spots a good catch, they zoom in, flirt up a storm and try their best to get the catch by throwing themselves at them
  • The Attention Seeking Skank: They only want attention, similar to Facebook Skank with all the provocative pictures but then they might actually openly talk about anything provocative like sex and stuff or how they love sex toys just to get people's attention. Honestly, what you do with your private parts should really be private...some bloggers actually do that, like openly put their half-naked pictures on or talking about sexual conquest or something along that line. Sometimes I wonder what their fathers would think if the dads read that or see the photos.
  • The Facebook Skank: You see them quite a bit I'm sure and some of us might even have a friend or two like that. The Facebook Skank is often seen posing in slutty pose with cleavage showing or half naked...yeah you get the picture, haha, you might even have seen many. And they'll talk suggestively with men on Facebook, calling them "Darling", "Honey" or other terms of endearment. Some can be harmless and just wanna get attention but some are out to get guys, which brings me to the next type...
  • The Boyfriend/Husband-Stealing Skank: Yes, another self-explanatory one and some even disguised as decent girls but hey, they're actually flirting furiously with your man behind your back and are aplenty on Facebook. They will send sms, email, facebook comments/post on wall or other forms of communications to your man, sometimes knowing that the guy is attached or married. Very shameless but they're everywhere and this is the kind of skanks you wanna watch out for. Some can even pose as your friend but steal your man behind your back. Their tactics? Praising the man excessively like saying he's sooo gorgeous and macho, soooo talented, soooo hot, soooo great and she likes him sooo much and can't wait to hang out with him and stuff like she misses him (like wtf right?) even when they're just normal friends. It's so disgusting in the way they suck up to your man that I'm almost sure that if the man stick his wiener out, she would immediately kneel down and suck it. I've had a skank (an ex of the bf) told my boyfriend "Hehehe, I miss having sex with you!" when she already KNEW that he's seeing me and that she HAS a boyfriend then! How shameless is that???? 
Have I missed out any? Seriously women have come a long way fighting for our rights and equality and skanks just totally regress our hard-earned progress. Think about it, if you see the guy equivalent of the skanks, he'll be glorified as a heart-breaker, a player, bad ass but for women, they'll always get the shorter end of the stick and be labelled derogatory terms. Yes no maybe? Oh well...let's just hope I won't have a skank for daughter next time or I'll have the "Si Ma Lu" Guanyin Temple on speed dial...


Anonymous said...

haha, wonder if you are referring to.... Holly Jean

B said...

Not necessarily. I mean there're quite a lot of them out there these days not?....but erm, she did just blogged about some vibrator huh? So is she one? You tell me...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...Holly Jean is definitely quite skankish lah, you look at her, always jumping from one ang moh man to another. Probably slut lah. She some more like damn proud of it leh. Quite cheap n er xin loh.

Maya said...

Oh holly jean is definitely skanky! I find her whore-ish in fact. It's just disgusting she jumps from one white man to the next like she cannot live without white men.

Some more like to act cute. She wear those school girl skirts, pig tails and knee high socks and all and please loh, she how old liao? She 31 this year right? So cannot make it loh!

OGT said...

Haha. Looks like the verdict is out. True that. I think she's pretty much a whore too! Really can't function without a man huh. Seriously, dating and getting into relationships soo easily? It's almost as if one will effortlessly be next if he happens to be a caucasian man.

jelly bean said...

Wah, I love this post cos I totally know what Miss B said about those skanks trying to steal bf! Got this skanky colleague of my bf who's forever trying to get fresh with him, bitch but she didn't know my bf told me, but still lah! These sluts so shameless cos that bitch already knew my bf got gf! Want to slap her can!

Oh and yah, I think Holly Jean quite skanky leh but she not bad looking though. But I think she looks like the bf stealing type lah. Dunno why but just her look I think. Actually last time her blog ok read one but now all advertisements. But I still go her blog and kaypoh hehehe


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