Wednesday, February 02, 2011

L'Oreal EverStrong

Okay you shouldn't be surprised I've got the L'Oreal EverStrong Range since I'm a toiletries junkie who would try anything that seems interesting to me and when the L'Oreal EverStrong (as well as the color preserving EverPure) hit the shelves in our little island of durian eaters, I snapped up the EverStrong Deep Replenishing Mask and also the overnight repair treatment. See, I'm better cos I didn't buy the entire range cos I still have good shampoo and conditioner at home and I'm merely buying what I, ahem, need.

Okay, anyway, this is L'Oreal's premium range for the mass market segment cos the price point is a bit higher and the mask costs about $18 and the leave on overnight treatment is $22 thereabouts. It's a sulfate-free range meaning that it doesn't contain any sulfate which is crucial in forming rich foam (especially for shampoo), making it milder since sulfate is a culprit of stripping the hair of its natural moisture. I that the sulfate-free thing applies mostly to shampoo cos I don't think conditioner and treatment contain sulphate. But anyway, the range also boasts aromatic herbs like Rosemary, and Juniper etc. It doesn't really smell of aromatherapy stuff but I do like the scent of it cos it's got a very warm sugary sweet scent that's not too overpowering.

I like the mask cos it really does leave hair super soft and shiny without the heaviness and it also doesn't overcoat the hair too and that for me is super important. So yes, I approve and I'm gonna use it quite regularly and at least 2 times a week especially now that I've coloured my hair to a darkest, silkiest black (I LOVE very black hair). The overnight treatment is great too. You can totally apply it on dry hair without it getting sticky. I'm used to applying serum and treatment on damp hair cos I'm horrified by sticky greasy hair but this one really gets absorbed super quickly and I need about 2 pumps of it for my hair cos its quite long. It does soften hair and when I combine it with the hair mask, the hair is really superb with shine, softness and great manageability. It's now one of my favorite hair treatment item and the best thing is, it doesn't break your piggy bank like the Kerastase range which costs a hell lot's definitely thumbs up!

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