Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sound Track of the Day

I finally breathed a sigh of relief now that one big work monkey's off my back and to get back that light-hearted spirit, I'm listening to Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band's classic Apache...woot...super love it....retro and very good...I can almost imagine Quentin Tarantino lurking around the corner....Click here to listen....Do you guys sometimes have your own imaginary "MTV" in your head while you make up your own MTV as you listen to certain music? I certainly do...

And every time I listen to Apache, it reminds me of breakdancing cos the Apache is quite a favorite amongs the breakdancers and I used to know a Bboy (short for "Breakdancing Boy") named Yoshi who's half Japanese half Singaporean and he's the most amazing Bboy I've ever seen and he used to date an old friend of mine and we used to go support him in competition when he's in town in Singapore. I haven't got any idea where he is or if he's still dancing but I know he's pretty damn famous in the Breakdance circuit....and I found a youtube video of him...check this out...I've never seen anyone spin soooo fast on his head....and I remember once we saw him at a competition at Cineleisure years ago and that boy was boucing on his fist. Yes, his fist. He made a fist and he was literally bouncing upside down on his fist (ie. the knuckles...ouch!!) and balancing while bouncing....he obviously won but when we went to the backstage to look for him, he was holding a bag of ice with his fist in it to reduce the swelling...I don't think he does this anymore....oh well, I really wonder what he's up to now....oh yeah, and he's got tons and tons of fans, screaming girls....that kinda explain why he eventually broke my friend's heart....but nonetheless, he's one amazing Bboy....

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