Friday, April 09, 2010

Cool shop!

Ah Meow emailed me yesterday to show me a pair of super kawaii shoes she saw online and wow! The online shop is cool!!! It's ModCloth and it's a US online shop but they have loads and loads of really cute stuff! Ah Meow loved this super cute bunny shoes....Ah Meow just ordered hers and I'm can't wait for her to wear them cos I can at least look at it since it doesn't come in my size...feet too small...'s even got a cute round bunny tail...look closer

And I found the perfect coin purse for me that accurately describe my financial situation...or predicament for that matter....wanna buy me?
Actually, it's not "We're", it should be "Yes, I'm BROKE"

And I saw this cute bold block color heartshaped cuff....awwww kawaii max!
Would love this on a simple black dress or all black outfit to add a dash of's so Moschino...

And there're like 3947934793874893743 cute dresses!!! So damn many that I gave up looking cos I'm broke and would be better off not looking...see no evil, think no evil, do no evil....but I found some cute dresses....see...

Simple yellow dress that's so sweet and lovely....but I can't wear yellow according to my fengshui master

So cheery....I love this....

I love this simple coral number....looks plain? Wait for it!

ohhhh check out the sexy back!

Oh dear, I can really go on and on about how cute the dresses are...but I guess I'll just stick to window shopping for now...but go check it out....oh...but some dresses can be found in local blog shops at a cheaper price though....but it's a great shopping site to look at!

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