Thursday, April 08, 2010

Song of the day

Song of the day.....Master and Servant by Nouvelle Vague ft Martin Gore (from Depeche Mode)....a remake (and in my opinion a better version) of Depeche Mode's original song Master and here to listen

Love it!

Oh and my lost mail finally came....I got a super nice black and white dress with Peter Pan collar (ala YSL SS 10') and a cool detailed back on a blog shop (Fashion Lodge) and it got lost last week cos the package didn't arrive! Was so disappointed cos I really want the dress, not to mention I've already paid for it. Then it got sent back to the seller who then sent it back to me again and today I'm wearing it. Super comfy and it's stretchy here to check it out. It comes in grey too!

Sorry it's a flat photo.....nobody to take picture of me wearing it so you should go to the blog shop to check it out. But it's been a hit! The girls at work all love it! Hehehehe....


Anonymous, definitely not BB said...

Why didn't you ask BB to take a photo of you wearing it?

B said...

Too shy to get BB to take the, I'm camera shy and not photogenic! :p


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