Friday, April 30, 2010

Weird Cab for the Cuties

Lunch was a bit of an adventure. Princess, Ah Meow and I took a cab to Bukit Merah cos Princess would like to visit Ah Meow's fortune-teller who's just across the Redhill MRT Station and we hopped on the weirdest cab of all. It's a yellow top black cab that looks like it's a plastic garden within cos the driver decorated his entire cab, dashboard and all, with plastic flowers, little trinkets, advertisement for the red cab and lots of other nonsense..... but no, it's not the cute cool type but the scary psychotic one that looks like this!!

Check out the fully decked plastic flowers and stuff....there's a bee from The Bee's Story next to the rear mirror and ton's of flowers and magazines and stuff hung at the back of the two front seats

See, the advertisement he put up to advertise for cab rental...

And the free books and magazines rack!

The weirdest thing is that he kept giving us stuff! First thing he said when we got into the cab was "The books and magazines are free and feel free to take it". Then he started giving us brochures of random products and a weirdo vcd of some unknown taiwanese singer (see below). He's constantly whipping out random items like a stemcord bank leaflet and stuff and handing it to us and no, it's not even those pyramid selling stuff cos it's random...and at one point, he whipped up a long plastic ruler and asked Princess if we've got any use for a plastic ruler and we nicely refused.

The weirdo random vcd that he passed us, Ah Meow took it out of curiosity cos we wanna check out what it is

When we reached our destination, me and Ah Meow fled first and walked off and Princess was paying for the cab. Then Princess came out and said the cabbie shoved a plastic flower-decorated tin to collect the exact amount Princess gave him and next, cabbie wanted to give Princess money and Princess freaked out and said "No thanks" and ran....

It's really funny cos we couldn't stop giggling and I think the cabbie's a bit off but he's quite a nice guy nonetheless...He seems like a nice guy really....weeeeird.....

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