Sunday, April 25, 2010

Body Language 101

Oh I found this really cool Body Language decoder post online and it tells you how to read a man's body language. Very very interesting. Click here to check it out. And it's really quite true on all the different things mentioned. It tells you how to spot someone who's potentially lying too! Very important to learn, girls! Cos I remember once upon a time when I was still stuck with Mr Asshole and I found a very long strand of hair which wasn't mine in his bed and he said it's the maid's hair and he got all defensive. I was trying to read his body language and he was obviously lying cos at that point, he wrapped himself in bed with blanket and his arms folded and he was avoiding eye contact while pretending to be upset that I was mistrusting him etc. Thing is, when someone's lying, they tend to put up a "barrier" through his/her body language and the example of Mr Asshole is such classic one (the blanket, the folded arms, the zero eye contact) that exhibited all the signs of him telling a lie.

On the positive note, the post also tells you how to spot tons of nice affirmative body language too! Like how if a guy tuck a stray hair off your face in public means he's genuinely affectionate and cares for you etc. So do read up and soak up the positive body language too! I've bookmarked it! I'm one lucky girl to be spotting a lot of positive body language these days! :)

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