Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Olfactory Ponderings

......milk, skin, postcards, antoine de saint-expury's the little prince's tenderness toward his rose, the warmth of the sun through your clothes in winter, powder, the way your heart expands after reading a great quote for the first time (more than that, it's like your rib cage and insides are being readjusted to accommodate what you now know), musc, the calm exhaustion after a cry (all that emotion just seeps out), first light, the spines of hardcover books, 缘份, white flower accords but only after dark, lacquer, fingers through your lover's hair, incandescence, vulnerability, when a friend becomes a friend, maple syrup on strawberry pancakes, the setting sun, arriving home, jealousy (why does it feel like you've been blanched in hot oil? you can almost feel every capillary throb with cortisol and adrenaline), the contented feeling in the taxi ride home after a good night out, the colour turquoise (ala the same color as my Anges B coin purse), 6" heels on cobble stones (Hello Paris? Meet Miss B's twisted ankle), melting butter, iPod playlists set on random, the euphoria of first kisses, rewatching your favourite movie on dvd, freedom and possession, cool marble, late night guests, a dress that fits you like a glove, the contented purr of Mr Bond, scrawly words in black ink, rainy weekends in bed with cuddles, vintage jewellery, naps, first day of the holidays, want, dove grey cotton, barefeet on wet verandah floorboards ... things i wonder how they'd smell if they had a smell, if i were a nose.......

And some of my all time favorites: annick goutal's petite cherie, diptyque l'ombre dans l'eau, narcisco roderiguez essence, bvlgari white tea....

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