Saturday, April 10, 2010

Clash of the Titans

What a let down....some old movies are better left untouched and un-re-maked and The Clash of The Titans is definitely one of them cos the new one didn't quite do it for me. Yes yes, the Titans shoe is one big one to fill no doubt...But still, with today's CGI and whatnots, I was expecting something better (so don't even bother making movie remake of old classics like Ben Hur and the likes get it?)....The new version lacks mysticism cos the creatures in there weren't scary and didn't invoke any sense of fear or awe that showcase the high and mighty status of the god and the slimy evil. The scary monsters and peeps like Medusa and gang weren't scary and they look normal and fail to make me feel creepy...Production wise it's fine, acting's fine, set is nice, editing is acceptable but it's just so damn why must all the gods in Olympus had these shimmering lights around know, that godly aura? It's trite! And the lines are kinda corny too...especially the scene where they're about to go into Medusa's lair where Perseus started saying "Today's the day I'm gonna stand up blah blah blah"....or whatever to that effect. Yeah, the lines after he said other than his father, he has met 4 other great men and one chick too....My hair was standing, in a bad way.....Well, 3 stars out of 5...

Miss B's Observations and Notes on The Clash of The Titans

  • Oh Jake Sully's in the Titans? Oh no, hang's not Avatar but Sam Worthington's is Perseus and the same kind of role as Jake Sully....Too similar....the flying horse add to it too...the 6-legged horses in Avatar is the equivalent....
  • Hades' hair stylist should be fired cos the receding hairline bit was so badly done I can see the plastic thing around the forehead
  • If you haven't got money for botox and need a good permanent fix for youthfulness, then learn from Io. Go find some god, seduce him, then refuse him and he would 'curse' you with the inability to age and bye bye botox
  • The word "bitch" was used to described Medusa...very gentlemanly of them...come on, Medusa got raped...
  • The goddess Athena was probably a bitch cos Io said Hades wanted to hump Medusa and Medusa was calling for help from Athena while getting raped by Hades, but that Athena bitch was disgusted instead and turned Medusa into a never pray to Athena unless you want bad hair
  • Medusa looked hot in the film and had nice tits. perky and not too big
  • Poseidon is the mildest of the 3 brothers....he did nothing
  • Erm....why is there a robotic owl? BB pointed out the same robotic owl was in the original 1981 make of the movie and the robotic owl in the original has a much bigger role...but the question is, how come there was a robotic owl in the past??
  • Oh and since there's a robotic owl, I propose an easier way to kill Medusa....the solution is simple. It's a simple pair of reflective Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses...She can't see your eyes and she sees her own eyes and turns herself into stone? Neat...
  • The gods were probably bored...they basically stand or sit around their pedestals and did nothing...
  • If your father (or lao peh) were a god and he offered you an easy life, just bloody take it...cos after all, Perseus used the sword and rode the negro flying horse after all
  • If you wanna be a witch, don't be one in The Clash of the Titans cos the witches in there are the ugliest ones I've seen....try Bewitched instead
  • There's a Star Wars looking creature with blue eyes and tree like face....and he's Japanese...cos of the way he speaks English...he said "Toooo-geee-therrre" (Together) with a cyborg voice...he ought to be Japanese

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