Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog Shopping

What do you do when you're so uninspired at work that you wanna scream out loud? You shop of course! And I love shopping on blogshops cos they're everywhere, aplenty and as easy as clicking your mouse and typing down what you want and your email address...then I love the anticipation of waiting for the mail to come in cos it gives me something to look forward to....not to mention they're also much cheaper cos there's no shop rental and overheads costs. Perfect! Here're some of my favorite local blog shops:

Pret-a-Partay Very nice edgy designs

Gipsy Scarlet They make really nice dresses and they fit me to a tee. I bought 4 dresses from them and I'm waiting for them to launch new far there's only 3 collections though

FashionPod Great variety and frequent updates of new styles and stocks

Blackhairpins Funky designs but the update is quite slow though

TheDayLabel Nice designs and stuff but they're mostly casual. I think they're coming up with their own manufactured pieces soon

Fashion Lodge Cute casual outfits that's unique and not as commonplace as some other blogshops...I love!

If you know any cool nice blog shops. SHARE!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Chanced upon your blog last week and loving it since. :)

I love blogshopping too. Here are my favourites to share: (launching tonight!) (doing their own label too but so far only 1 collection. good service.) (Friendly seller too. Nice casual pieces)

I like fashionlodge too!

B said...

Anon 9.23, thanks!!! :)

I'm gonna check them out! So exciting! Blog shopping rocks! It's so addictive too!

Anonymous said...

These are my favourite blogshops. :)

B said...

Hey Anon 12.11, thanks for the recommendations! I like intoxiquette and vaingloriousyou! They're great! Thanks heaps! :)


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