Friday, April 23, 2010


Tres chic! I like! Perfect to go with my 2.55! But painting the Chanel double Cs onto my right finger nails is defnitely gonna be a challenge...I think I'll stick to plain black instead....but this is cute!

Anyway, it's Friday and I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off next week cos BB's sister is in town and we're gonna go out and play! And I'll get to play with my new toy BB got me earlier...the Canon S90! Thanks bb! Have always wanted it and was in my lust list in March Monthly Muse (or was it Feb? Can't rememeber)...woohoooo...It's semi-professional in a small package.

Woot! Oh I had a cheap thrill buy 2 days ago and I bought the new L'Oreal Elseve Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Daily Treatment cos I'm taking a break from my Japanese hair care products. Actually this isn't new cos it's been around in US and UK (with the name Elvive Full Restore 5) for awhile but it just made it to our sunny shore. I bought it not because I was dying to try it or heard good stuff about it but I was just bored and I opened a bottle and sniffed and I like the smell cos it's the nicest smelling of the L'Oreal Elseve range in my opinion. Yes, I'm THAT superficial but you mean you want a shampoo that smells bad? I remember I bought a shampoo some time back in Ibiza and I can't remember what brand it was but I bought it cos I lost my shampoo and that shampoo smelled off. Not stinky but the fragrance didn't agree with me and it lingered in my head the whole day and I was popping panadol the whole day cos my hair gave me a headache cos of the smell. So yes, my shampoo MUST smell nice.

Okay, back to the new L'Oreal Elseve....I've used it for 2 days and well, I must say I do like it cos it does make my hair less dry. It supposedly treats all 5 damaged problems (hair loss, split ends, courseness, dullness and I can't remember the other one) and it seems to work okay. Like all Elseve, the shampoo lathers well so a little goes a long way and a hair stylist told me that you should never use too much shampoo, especially with one that lathers cos the foaming agent tends to be drying. And I tend to use more shampoo to "balance" off the amount of conditioner I use since I tend to use more conditioner and I HATE that the two bottles are of unequal amount...okay, it's almost OCD of me but you need only a dollop of shampoo. It cleanses well without being too slimy and the daily hair treatment's good too cos it doesn't overcoats the hair like many brands do. So the hair's still light and not too heavy after. The only complaint I have is...well, a superficial one. The daily treatment doesn't smell the same as the shampoo and I prefer the smell of the shampoo though...ahhh whatever, but I think I'm gonna buy the leave-in serum or something cos this one seems quite's worth too!

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