Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lash Extension Version 2.0?

Okay, I've changed my last extension! I was intending to get it done on Saturday but I couldn't book a slot with my previous lash place and Sunday's closed and Monday and Tuesday I would be busy with BB's sister. So I jumped ship and went to try a different lash place that my friend recommended (thanks Joce! :) and I had a more "natural looking" lash extension done. First reaction. NOT used to it cos I've been so used to having thick barbie doll plastic fantastic lashes and now it looks all natural and it looks as if I just have mascara on cos my natural lashes are long to begin with. My lashes look like this now:
 Here's the new extension. Looks very soft and fluttery 

The extension is single-strand extension with a single, individual lash attached to my natural lashes instead of bunches of them attached to one lash like the one I was used to before. And this is soft and individual and I can brush through it (I thought it looked like spiders initially and had a shock when I look into the mirror). Previously, mine was done all interwoven into a thick singular strip to give a very thick dramatic look and it used to look like this:
The old extension, looking really thick and dark and totally barbie doll like!

Such big difference right?! Like I said, my initial reaction was "Oh no, I haven't got real lash extension" and I kinda missed my thick barbie doll lashes. Then after looking at the mirror for 3947347349439 times, and after having my makeup removed (and strangely still look fine), I'm actually starting to like the new "natural" look cos it looks like my real lashes and now instead of looking plastic fantastic, I look like I have mascara permanently painted on. I still can't decide which one I prefer more to be honest but let's see how this new set of extension holds up cos they look so much more flimsy than their predecessor! And men being men, BB said he actually couldn't tell the difference and if I hadn't told him I had my lashes done, he wouldn't be able to tell. Lousy!!! Such major difference as seen above and he said there's no difference! Well, at least that kinda confirms he's straight and hasn't got a single "gay bone" in him...but right now, I'm still trying to decide which set of lash extension I prefer! I'll update on how this new one holds! Hope they don't fall off that easily.....


Anonymous said...

Hi B, can I know where did you go for your eyelash extension, both the previous one & this one? How much do they cost & how long did they take? Thanks! :)

B said...

My previous lash place is at International Plaza at Tanjong Pagar and it's called Ann Beauty (82001188). She's good with the thick barbie doll type of extension but she does the natural ones too. Her barbie doll lash extension is about $120 which is on the high side. The natural one is cheaper I think.

The recent one I went to is at Far East Plaza and the shop is called Oh Carol on the 5th floor. 05-27A. She speaks only Mandarin though but I haven't got the number cos I just walked into it. It costs me $70.

Both take about 1.5 hour to complete. So you'll just have to lie still and do nothing. Bring your iPod!

Anonymous said...

Hi B thank you for your reply! I think Browhaus charge the same as Ann Beauty. Do you have problem of losing your real eyelash after doing the extension? I'm quite worried about that!

B said...

Yup Browhaus is about $120 bucks too but I somehow don't dare to let them do it cos I think they're not that big with extension and I'd rather have someone who does extension day in day out to do my lashes cos more reliable right?

And you do lose some lashes when you remove it. Thing is, if you do the super thick barbie doll ones that're woven in together, you tend to lose more I think and the lashes don't grow as fast cos the strip of woven lash line would block and stunt the growth. The individual ones tend to be kinder to the lashes and becos it's not all woven together, the natural lashes can grow through it (according to the lash lady no.2). I guess for now, I'm gonna stick to the natural one cos I actually like it BUT becos the lashes aren't woven together, they tend to go in all sorts of direction and it gets messy and you have to use a toothpick to move them back in place. You won't have that problem with the woven thick ones and also, for the thick ones, if one bunch falls out, it won't drop off cos it's woven into the neighboring lash bunches, so it lasts longer I believe. Cos I had the inner edges came off but they held on for weeks! So pros and cons really said...

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